Water conservation

Water conservation and the focus on alternative transport for sustainable tourism

“The aim is to help businesses, visitors and residents [to] take simple actions that reduce our ecological footprint “

Sunshine Coast Tourism (SCT) encourages tourism providers to conserve water and welcome or offer greener modes of transportation as part of a new Sustainable Sunshine Coast campaign.

“The objective is to support businesses, visitors and residents [to] take simple steps that reduce our ecological footprint and raise awareness by profiling the leaders of tourism operations, ”TBS Executive Director Paul Kamon said in a press release.

According to the statement, Sustainable Sunshine Coast has its origins in a 10-year development plan for the Sunshine Coast destination, which cited water scarcity issues and an increase in the number of visitors arriving to the coast by bicycle.

The organization works with Transportation Choices (TraC) to provide resources and advice to tourism providers.

Free printed materials are available at local drop-in centers, while SCT will profile companies that “drive sustainable local operations”.

An online engagement and short survey are also available for TBS to gather feedback, and support is offered to local businesses “to fight water conservation and greener transportation.”

The initiative was also presented to the Town of Gibsons, the District of Sechelt and the Regional District of Sunshine Coast.

Interested companies can contact the organizers at [email protected]

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