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The Medford Water Commission urges Rogue Valley customers to continue to conserve water. Photo file

Medford Water Commission still calls for conservation

Nationwide chlorine shortage eases after production resumes at west coast plant, but Medford Water Commission still urges customers to conserve water amid unstable supply and drought .

The shortage was triggered by a major power outage at Westlake Chemical, a chlorine manufacturing plant in Longview, Wash., Which supplies chlorine to much of the West Coast. One of the factory’s customers provided a spare electrical transformer in late June, allowing the factory to restart production, according to the Oregon Emergency Management Office.

“We have received our scheduled deliveries, so that’s good. There is still some instability in the access chain, ”Medford Water Commission chief executive Brad Taylor said on Monday. “But at this point, we have a regular schedule and we are receiving shipments. So we’re probably not quite out of the woods, but things look a lot better than they have been there for a while. “

Chlorine kills bacteria, viruses and other microbes in the water.

The June problems at the Washington state chlorine plant followed a fire in August 2020 that destroyed a major chlorine plant in Louisiana.

The Medford Water Commission launched a plea for voluntary reductions in water use on June 17. The commission supplies water to several towns in the Rogue Valley, including Medford.

Despite record temperatures, the community responded by reducing water consumption by 10-15% compared to usual use. However, water consumption increased last week, the commission said.

“With this increased demand for water and the fact that our region is still in a period of drought, it is all the more important to continue to use water wisely. Pay attention to how we use water this summer and remember it is a precious resource that should not be wasted, ”the commission said in a press release late last week.

Taylor said the Medford Water Commission still has sufficient water supplies through the Rogue River and Big Butte Springs.

“This part looks good, given that we are in a period of drought. It is by no means a rosy picture, but from a supply side we are able to get what we need to meet our needs, ”he said.

The commission asks customers to repair leaks, avoid washing vehicles, sweeping rather than washing paved surfaces, minimize the filling of water bodies and swimming pools, not to water lawns and landscaping landscaping every day, water after 9 p.m. and before 5 a.m., postpone new planting, and use mulch and compost to retain moisture and reduce evaporation.

For more water conservation advice, visit medfordwater.org or contact the commission’s conservation team at 541-774-2436.

For after-hours emergencies with water service, call 541-779-7611.

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