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6 anime heroes who would join the Hunter Association (and 4 who would refuse)

The Hunter Association is an influential non-governmental organization responsible for testing and licensing hunters. In the Hunter x hunter universe, only the most qualified individuals pass the Hunter exam and become full hunters.

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Becoming a Hunter has many advantages. They are financially ready for life, can freely access almost any location in the world, and can use the hunter-only website with secret intelligence. Additionally, hunters can work outside the law and are usually allowed to kill another without consequence. For these reasons, the Hunter Association attracts a diverse set of individuals with diverse motivations. But not all are won over by the Association’s profits, and many anime characters would shy away from the title of Hunter.

ten Would join: Naruto would try to unite all hunters to make the world a better place

Naruto as Hokage

Throughout his life, Naruto remained an idealist. The current Hokage was not deterred by a tale of war, loss, and destruction of shinobi. He never gave up hope in his dream of a peaceful world. His time as the Hokage has been peaceful, with alliances maintained since the previous Ninja War and the overwhelming power of Naruto acting as a safeguard for humanity.

If given the chance, Naruto would join the Hunter Association and hope to bring all hunters together to make the world a better place. However, he might have a hard time persuading Hisoka and Illumi.

9 Would not join: Sasuke prefers to work alone

Swordsman sasuke

Sasuke is in part defined by his individualism. He knows how to work well in a team (Team 7 and Taka) but prefers to work alone, outside the laws or unspoken rules. This lack of community desire stems in part from Sasuke’s lonely childhood, the result of being the sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan massacre. However, even in Boruto, despite his improved relationship with Konoha, Sasuke chooses to work in the shadows. Although hunters prefer to work alone, they still depend on a large organization, which would not suit Sasuke.

8 Join: Light would use the association’s considerable resources to reach his ideal world

Light Yagami is expressionless

First happy to realize alone his post-criminal utopia by Death threatLight came to appreciate the resources he had as part of Kira’s investigative team. As the head of the unit, Light was able to hunt down opponents, influence the media, and make life in general easier.

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He wielded extraordinary power as Kira and the leader of the team trying to catch Kira. Light would almost certainly join the Hunters’ Association and rise through the ranks until he became the clear leader. From this position, Light could manipulate hunters and achieve any social goal he desired.

7 Wouldn’t join: Scar doesn’t trust those with exceptional power

Scar Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Scar cannot be blamed for his trust issues. After all, his entire family and race were wiped out under the guise of war, when in truth their lives were taken as human sacrifices for a Philosopher’s Stone.

Scar initially blamed the alchemists who used their destructive power to destroy the Ishvalans. But after further investigation, he realized that they were nothing more than puppets manipulated by the Homunculi. Yet the warrior has developed a distrust of those with incredible power, knowing what happens if wielded by the evil in itself. Scar would undoubtedly feel the same about Hunters.

6 Would join: Armin would get the chance to see the world

It’s easy to forget that in the midst of chaos and destruction in The attack of the Titans, Armin dreamed of seeing the ocean. After many years of fighting the Titans, he finally got his wish, and since then he has traveled to neighboring islands. However, the world is big and Armin has only scratched the surface. As a hunter, Armin would have the finances and resources to travel the world and visit the remains of ancient civilizations. Take into account that hunters can travel for free (most of the time) and Armin would live the dream.

5 Would join: Senku could use his hunter privileges for scientific purposes

Senku the scientist

The protagonist of Dr Pierre, Senku’s true love is science. The boy’s genius is constantly thinking and analyzing, trying to move humanity forward and make substantial changes. After humanity was petrified for 3,700 years, Senku, upon awakening, was forced to start science from the start.

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The anime sees Senku constantly frustrated with the outdated technology at his disposal. If he were to join the Hunter Association, Senku would have access to nearly endless resources and the latest technology. He could spend the rest of his life pursuing the science he loves most.

4 Would not join: Lelouch has a deep distrust of powerful institutions

Lelouch, Code Geass

Following the suspicious death of his mother, Lelouch was rejected by the British royal family in Code Geass. His mistreatment stoked a fiery hatred for the world’s greatest empire, and after receiving power from Geass, Lelouch implemented his plan to destroy Britannia.

The unbalanced genius doesn’t care about authority – and who can blame him. His story has caused serious trust issues, and unless he’s running an organization, Lelouch doesn’t want to participate. The Hunter Association is a powerful institution that both solves and causes problems. He wields great power, something Lelouch hates.

3 Would join: Mustang’s ambition draws him to powerful positions

Roy Mustang is an incredibly powerful alchemist whose strength is matched only by his ambition. The Flame Alchemist is the complete package: charismatic, intelligent, powerful and a respected war hero. He dreams of one day becoming Führer d’Amestris; the undisputed leader of his country.

It is for this reason that Mustang joined the Hunter Association. His insatiable ambition means the Flame Alchemist would do his best to become president of the mighty organization. And he just might – his mastery of his chemistry and natural charisma would make him a formidable hunter and leader.

2 Would not join: Alucard is only loyal to the Van Helsing family

Smiling alucard

The complex and capricious vampire of Hellsing is a bit of a conundrum. Although an individualist by nature, Alucard works for and obeys the Van Helsing organization. However, this seems to be somewhat of an aberration.

Before being defeated by Van Helsing, Alucard traveled the world, acting independently. There are no laws to which Alucard responds, no unspoken rules that he follows. Of course, Hunters have immunity from the law status, but that doesn’t mean anything to the Vampire King. He already stands on top of a mortal world; all organization is below him.

1 Would join: All Might’s personal morality demands that he act within the law

Law and order in the Hunter x hunter the universe is not as black and white as the justice system seen in My hero university. All Might was the best pro hero, and it was his legal responsibility to apprehend and defeat threats to the public. Hunters are a little different.

There are those who specialize in capturing criminals, but Hunters can act outside the law. A hunter’s license frees you from the shackles of the law and a hunter can kill another person without repercussions. All Might would likely join the Hunters Association in bringing criminals in legally while making sure he doesn’t abuse his position as a hunter.

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