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OSU takes action to reduce water use in times of drought

CORVALLIS, Oregon – Oregon faces drought conditions statewide and Oregon State University is working to do its part to help reduce water use.

Governor Kate Brown recently issued an executive order ordering state agencies to reduce their non-essential use of water. Public universities are not required to follow the order, but OSU is revising its water conservation practices to follow it, university officials say.

“All Oregon State University employees and students can help by preserving the state’s dwindling water supply through the operation of our campuses, centers and offices,” said Interim President Becky Johnson. “At the same time, OSU researchers are working to understand and address the many impacts of drought and ensuing forest fires, and OSU extension workers are supporting communities. in trouble.


OSU has already implemented water conservation methods, such as low-flow faucets and toilets, installing rainwater catch basins in new buildings and more.

Visitors may notice that the lawns at the Corvallis campus turn brown as they go dormant to retain more water. Drought tolerant plants will also water less.

Lawns in high traffic areas and sports fields will continue to be watered.

“It’s important to remember that OSU is a historic campus and we use the good looks of our campus as a recruitment and retention tool for students and staff, as well as a community resource,” said Joe Majeski , director of facilities services. “The Corvallis campus has a valuable collection of historic and rare trees and shrubs. These plants represent a considerable investment and cannot do without an additional supply of water.

Measurements are also being taken on the OSU-Cascades campus in Bend.

OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences experimental stations are working to develop more efficient irrigation technologies to help Oregon’s food production.

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