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Cape Cod still faces drought as rest of state improves

Map courtesy of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

HYANNIS – The Cape Cod region still faces mild drought conditions despite higher rainfall rates recently, including Tropical Storm Elsa, according to the state’s executive office for energy and environmental affairs.

All other parts of the Commonwealth have been declared to have returned to normal conditions after recent rains, office secretary Kathleen Theoharides said.

“After recent rain storms across much of the state and continued water conservation efforts, most areas of the Commonwealth have experienced a strong recovery and are now in normal conditions,” Theoharides said .

“However, Cape Cod still experiences dry conditions that require additional monitoring and effort to help a full recovery from water impacts in the area, and Massachusetts residents and businesses should continue to apply conservation methods. of water to conserve the water resources of the Commonwealth. “

The Cape Cod and Islands region recorded just 1.5-2.5 inches of precipitation last month, the lowest in the state.

State officials said they would continue to monitor the Cape region to assess potential improvements in drought conditions.

Residents are encouraged to continue to exercise water conservation outdoors, including planting non-grassy landscapes, increasing planting of drought tolerant species, and installing rain collection systems to help. to water outdoor plants and vegetable gardens.

State oOfficials recommend that outdoor watering be limited on Cape Cod to one day per week in addition to water conservation programs and year-round management plans.

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