July 2021 Jobs Report Shows 943,000 Jobs Added

Written by Thomas Ahearn, editor-in-chief of the ESR News blog

The total number of non-farm jobs in the United States increased by 943,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 5.4% in July 2021 as the labor market continued to recover from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID -19), according to the monthly employment report published by the US Bureau. labor statistics (BLS).

The July 2021 employment report found that the number of unemployed was 8.7 million, down from the recent peak in April 2020 but above pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels in February 2020. Notable job gains in July 2021 occurred in leisure and hospitality, local government education, and professional and business services.

  • Leisure and hospitality employment increased by 380,000 jobs in July 2021 but is down by 1.7 million jobs since February 2020.
  • Teaching employment in local communities increased by 221,000 jobs in July 2021, but is down by 205,000 jobs since February 2020.
  • Employment in professional and business services increased by 60,000 jobs in July 2021, but is down by 556,000 jobs since February 2020.
  • Employment in transportation and warehousing added 50,000 jobs in July 2021, but is down 41,000 jobs since February 2020.
  • Employment in other services added 39,000 jobs in July 2021, but this is 236,000 jobs less than in February 2020.
  • Health care employment added 27,000 jobs in July 2021, but is down 502,000 jobs since February 2020.
  • Manufacturing employment increased by 15,000 jobs in July 2021, but it is 433,000 fewer jobs than in February 2020.
  • Information employment increased by 24,000 jobs compared to July 2021, but is down 172,000 jobs since February 2020.
  • Employment in financial activities increased by 22,000 jobs in July 2021 but is down by 48,000 jobs since February 2020.
  • Mining sector employment added 7,000 jobs in July 2021, but is down 103,000 jobs since a peak in January 2019.
  • Retail trade employment lost 6,000 jobs in July 2021 and is down 270,000 jobs since February 2020.
  • Employment was little changed in other major industries such as construction and wholesale trade in July 2021.

The jobs report showed that the change in employment for May 2021 was revised from 583,000 jobs added to 614,000 jobs added, while June 2021 was revised from 850,000 jobs added to 938,000 jobs added. With these revisions, earnings in May 2021 and June 2021 were 119,000 higher than previously reported.

As in previous months, some workers affected by the pandemic who should have been classified as unemployed on temporary layoff were instead incorrectly classified as employed but not at work. However, the share of
misclassified responses were highest in the early months of the pandemic and have been lowest in recent months.

As of March 2020, the BLS has released an estimate of what the unemployment rate might have been if poorly classified workers had been included among the unemployed. Using this same approach, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in July 2021 would have been 0.3 percentage point higher than reported.

The jobs report is usually published on the first Friday of each month at (PDF). The August 2021 employment report will be released on Friday, September 3, 2021. More information on the July 2021 employment report is available at -july-2021.htm.

COVID-19 is a fatal respiratory disease that is transmitted from person to person. As of August 6, 2021, there were around 201 million cases worldwide and 4.2 million deaths worldwide, while the United States leads the world with around 35 million cases and 615,000 deaths, according to research from Johns Hopkins University.

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