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Raymond Excavating Co. won a contract worth approximately $ 253,150 to replace the water lines along St. Lawrence Street in Marysville, from Bunce Avenue to St. Bernard Street.
Marysville City Council voted 6-0 at its regular July 26 meeting to award the contract to the city-based company; Council member Shawn Winston was absent.
Raymond presented the lowest of the three offers. Murray Underground Systems Inc. followed closely with approximately $ 253,950. Boddy Construction Company was valued at around $ 279,600.
“The engineer’s opinion of the likely construction costs was $ 252,005, with the lowest bid being about 0.5% above that amount,” said Brent S. Moore, P.Eng. Project Manager, and Patrick Phelan, Senior Project Engineer, BMJ Engineers and Surveyors, or Port Huron, in their letter to General Manager Randy Fernandez.
BMJ estimated the cost of the project and managed the tendering process.
Engineers noted that the offers from Raymond Excavating and Murray Underground contained errors.
“The errors have been corrected and have not changed the outcome of the lowest bid rankings,” the engineers said. “We have worked with Raymond Excavating Co. on many past projects and find them well qualified to complete the job. “
The problems of rue Saint-Laurent began before the pandemic.
“If you remember, winter 2019-2020 we had eight water main breaks in 10 days on this line,” said Barry Kreiner, director of the city’s public works department. “So that’s what prompted us to ask BMJ to put plans in place right away. We predicted that this was going to continue to happen or could continue to happen. These residents were deprived of water, driveways, sidewalks for a long time.
The water pipe is relatively new, installed in 1977. But the pipes were early-stage ductile iron that was inferior in quality, Kreiner said. Corrosive soil – “and there is corrosive soil in that area” – amplified the problem.
Approximately 950 feet of main pipe will be replaced under the sidewalk on the east side of Saint-Laurent Street and two additional fire hydrants will be installed.
“I’ve been sweating bullets on this road every time we go and empty the hydrants in the fall and spring,” Kreiner said. “If they had had a few more breaks, maybe my staff would have had to install a few hundred feet of main line. We were lucky. The first break on this line was in 2008. We had a total of 15 breaks that I can find.
“Sir. Kreiner, will that solve the problems along this road?” Asked Mayor Wayne Pyden.
“Absolutely,” Kreiner said. “A completely different type of ductile iron here.”
The project is expected to start around the end of August and will last about a month.

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