Wrongful Convictions Resource Center creates directory for every state, including experts

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Criminal Case Consultants has added a new directory to its wrongful convictions website ( and provides access to resources in every state

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, USA, Aug 22, 2021 / – Brian Leslie, who owns and operates Criminal Case Consultants Inc, says after several years of dealing with clients wrongly convicted as an expert in nationally recognized coercive interrogation, what her clients really need is a comprehensive roster of lawyers, experts and organizations who can help them in their fight to overturn a conviction. There are many resources out there, but most family members who help incarcerated loved ones don’t know where to look, Leslie says. “I get about twelve calls a day to my office asking this question,” Leslie says, “and I direct them when I can.”

Some organizations assist detainees in their legal battle, but many have waiting lists of over a year or sometimes longer with strict criteria. Many are not common knowledge, Leslie says, but hopefully placing all of the resources in one state-by-state directory will allow families to locate needed resources much sooner. People in prison have a lot more substantial resources than most realize, but you need to know where to look, Leslie says. The resource directory added to our post-conviction website ( will be filled with resources for each state over time.

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Brian Leslie is a former police chief and nationally recognized expert in coercive interrogation and interviewing as well as the owner of Criminal Case Consultants Inc.

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