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Charges Filed: Elkhorn Waterworks employee allegedly neglected water supply, putting residents at risk | Local News

Earlier this month, on February 4, 2019, the Town of Elkhorn Utilities Department posted a notice via Facebook regarding arsenic levels found in October water samples.

“It is not an immediate risk,” said the notice. “If that had been the case, you would have been notified immediately.

The notice said there was no need for customers to use an alternate or bottled water supply.

“Elkhorn Waterworks currently has treatment in place to reduce arsenic and will adjust the treatment process to improve arsenic removal,” the advisory says.

Referring to their conversation in March 2019, Investigations Director’s supervisor Deeney reports that Robers confirmed he had taken water samples for arsenic in January and July 2018 and knew the results violated standards. drinking water. Robers said he believed the DNR got the results, Deeney reports.

Robers said his supervisor, Elkhorn Utilities director John Murphy, and engineer Doug Snyder were both aware of the sample results, Deeney reports. According to Deeney, Robers said he ordered the ferric chloride after seeing the arsenic results from January 2018, but it took a long time for Murphy to buy the chemicals.

The chemicals arrived in March 2018, Deeney reports on Robers’ account. Robers said the ferric chloride containers remained unused at the Well 9 facility until they began treating the water in October 2018 following an MNR inspection, Deeney reports. According to Deeney, Robers said that even though he had been trained in the use of chemical feed equipment by the company that installed it, the training was “kind of a joke.”

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