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WSU asks for $ 10 million for salary increases; administrators go to other campuses for town halls


WSU President Kirk Schulz said in a virtual town hall Tuesday afternoon that the WSU had requested $ 10 million from the state legislature to fund salary increases for faculty and staff.

WSU officials announced that a national supply chain problem caused limited access to professors’ COVID-19 tests.

The WSU could step up testing overnight without this shortage, WSU President Kirk Schulz said. The Pullman Regional Hospital is working to provide more testing for the region.

“We can be in a very different place, say, November 1, compared to where we are today,” said Schulz.

WSU does not have a COVID-19 case dashboard because administrators want to focus on vaccination efforts and not the number of positive cases, he said. Updated case numbers are available through the Whitman County Department of Health website.

Schulz said administrators were trying to balance students ‘desire for face-to-face experience with professors’ desire for flexible teaching modes.

“While we appreciate Zoom and all the work the faculty and staff have done to adapt during this time, the majority of our students – at least with whom I have communicated – have been extremely clear that they didn’t want to come back to it. ”he said.

WSU is asking the state for more than $ 10 million to increase faculty and staff salaries, Schulz said. The other five public schools have requested similar funds for salary increases in the next legislative session.

“I expect professors to hold me accountable for finding creative ways to do this that are financially viable,” he said.

Schulz said his priority for the next year is to build the largest salary pool possible and keep it going.

WSU Marshal Elizabeth Chilton said she was frustrated that she couldn’t visit WSU campuses and outreach centers as much as she would like due to the ongoing pandemic.

Schulz and Chilton will be presenting town halls on each of the WSU campuses this semester, Chilton said.

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