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Farmville family honored with state award

FARMVILLE, NC (WITN) – The Sutton family of S&S Farms and Homeplace Strawberries has been awarded by the North Carolina Soil and Water Conservation Districts Association as a family of conservation farm l year 2021.

Family-owned since its inception, S&S Farms produces 3.3 million chickens, 306,000 pounds of tilapia, 1,100 acres of corn, 1,400 acres of soybeans and 450 acres of wheat per year.

With such a high return on services, comes a significant dedication to how they can conserve the land they use for generations to come.

Current owner Steve Sutton says he’s always thought about conservation ever since he started working on the farm with his predecessors.

“Conservation is a way of life. It’s not just something that we practice year after year, but it’s a way of life, ”he said.

“Many, many years ago, actually about 25 years ago, we started to see the return on our investment on the land that we weren’t cultivating every year. But 25 or 30 years ago the old adage was, “No plowing, no yield. This was not the case with us. “

He has taken a no-tile approach to his agriculture that benefits soil and root health and water conservation.

The farm estimates that there are between 800,000 and 1,000,000 earthworms per acre of land.

This is essential for the health of the root zone because, combined with the spreading of crop residues, they are able to retain the equivalent of a day of water for three to four days.

For President Leroy Smith of the Pitt Soil and Water Conservation District Council, the presentation of this award goes hand in hand with recognition of the weight of responsibility that rests on farmers in the region.

“The work of the farmer becomes more complicated from year to year. They are an example of how you can have a big farm, a farm, and do it all right, ”he said.

“For the region, it improves the whole region as a better place to live. And that’s the goal of the office, the soil and water office and the council, is to make everything here a better place to live and work. And Mr. Sutton and his family did a great job.

Conservation is not the only thing the Sutton family cares about. They are dedicated to sharing their agricultural knowledge with the next generation of conservative farmers in our region.

“We can do our part to conserve the environment and preserve it for our grandchildren and their children,” said Sutton.

From October 2, Homeplace Strawberries will open its Fall Festival. There will be pumpkins, a corn maze and lots of information to share about how they work to better serve the area for the public.

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