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Dane County Renewable Gas Vehicles Would Receive $ 10 Million Increase in Budget Proposal | Local government

If the target is met, the grasslands and forests conserved by the county and community partners will suck all the carbon created by county government operations out of the atmosphere, resulting in carbon neutral operations.

“If we give the opportunity to nature, she will do what she does best,” said Parisi. “It will purify our air, sequester carbon, and provide natural habitat for countless plant and animal species.”

Native plants will return to Astico County Park next spring thanks to the combined efforts of Friends of Dodge County Parks and te Club Astico Perseverance 4-H.

Parisi said the county is already on track to offset all of the government’s electricity use with renewables over the next two years. Carbon neutral operations would go even further, offsetting not only electricity consumption, but also transport and heating emissions.

Kathy Kuntz, director of the county’s energy and climate change office, said the county is creating about 40,000 metric tonnes of carbon equivalent per year. When all of the county’s electricity is renewable, that will reduce carbon emissions by about 70%, or about 12,000 tonnes of carbon.

Kuntz said the reduction makes it much more realistic to remove the remaining carbon through carbon sequestration, or the long-term removal of carbon from the atmosphere by plants.

“We are now convinced that we can reach zero by 2030,” Kuntz said.

Even before Wednesday’s budget proposals were announced, the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday named Dane County as one of five Green Power Leadership Award winners. The other four are Microsoft, Starbucks, Boston University, and the University of California.

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