Manny Diaz praises Miami Football resources and campus changes

Another disappointing result for the Miami football team was the loss to Virginia on Thursday night. Miami has now lost five straight games to opponents from FBS. Ahead of the loss to the Cavaliers, Hurricanes head coach Manny Diaz spoke earlier in the week about Miami resources, campus changes and Hurricanes players.

Prior to his retirement after the 2018 season, head coach Mark Richt helped raise and donate funds for the construction of the Soffer indoor training facility on campus. Miami also built the Lakeside Village dormitories. The Miami Sports Department assisted the soccer program with necessary upgrades.

Diaz’s comments earlier this week were a response to ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit who questioned whether Hurricanes head coach, athletic director Blake James and university president Julio Frenk agreed. on the orientation of the football program. Diaz and Frenk both pushed back on Herbstreit’s comments this week.

Diaz discusses at length the changes that have been made to Miami’s football schedule, with Miami playing at Hard Rock Stadium, how it compares to the Orange Bowl, the importance of the upgrades and how current players will benefit. The comments come from his weekly press conference.

“There are resource mentions and I’m just going to tell you from my time here at the University of Miami. what i saw change on our campus the new dorms the new lakeside village still people were still recruiting against miami in terms of the stadium dorms.

I mean we’ve still, we’ve always drummed the stadium in my mind, we’ve got a stadium that’s as nice as anyone in college football. It’s amazing what half a billion dollars I’m going to do for you and me, I sat in the Orange Bowl, saw how many students came to the games in the 80s in the Orange Bowl.

I competed in four of the five national championships before graduating from high school. It was what it was, whether it was a 20 minute drive to Little Havana or a 35 minute drive to Miami Gardens. It’s like that. We love our stadium. It’s a big atmosphere, it’s a big place, it’s a great place to welcome recruits.

The interior setup behind me, the silver interior setup behind me, phenomenal we’re tackling the locker room next door there’s just a lot of things changing on the positive here and and and I’m going to tell you that the last two recruiting classes that we signed are really the first two classes that existed when all of this existed.

Miami has the talent to compete. The last two classes the Hurricanes signed have placed 17th nationally in 2020 and 11th in 2021. Miami has added several top players in the last two transfer rounds. In order for Diaz and his team to keep their jobs, they need to be better at development.

Before Diaz was elevated to the rank of Defensive Coordinator, he was one of the staff who signed the eighth class nationally in 2018. The 2018 class fell far short of the eighth best class nationally at a few. exceptions. Miami was held up by the lack of development for the 2018 class.

Upgrades are important to the future of Miami’s football program, but they need to start showing results on the pitch. For Diaz to save his job, the young Hurricanes must start producing. Miami needs a foundation for the future and it starts with the classes of 2020 and 2021. Miami is playing in North Carolina on October 16th.

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