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Recently, data on the state of animal shelters in the United States was released by Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization. This dataset uses a metric called “save rate” to measure the percentage of animals entering shelters that leave the shelter alive, with a no-slaughter baseline of 90% save rate. No-kill simply means that a shelter saves all the healthy and treatable animals in its care.

Nationally, the average save rate for animals entering shelters is 83%, while New York State is slightly higher overall at 86%. Sadly, the St.Lawrence Valley SPCA in Ogdensburg falls far short of this with a savings rate of just 11% – by far the lowest in the state and one of the lowest of all. the country.

The refuge’s data from its most recent 990 indicate that in 2019 “1,210 animals were received; 59 were returned to their owners; 103 were placed in foster homes; 3 dead; and 1,072 were euthanized.

Its website reflects his efforts, displaying the motto on its home page: “We can’t save everyone, so we do what we can, when we can.” It also contains anti-no-kill language and an absence of “happy tails” on the page it has designated to report positive adoption stories. This despite the fact that he has a lot of animals in his care.

Best Friends has contacted the shelter several times to understand their challenges and offer help to save more animals in their care. Our efforts have been denied or ignored, with representatives from the organization saying they “do not work with other agencies.”

This even though all the assistance Best Friends offers – which includes access to a national team of animal welfare experts, shelter assessments, program development, education and training – is free. . In fact, we often provide funds to help animal shelters improve their savings rates. Best Friends has helped hundreds of shelters across the country raise their savings rate to the non-elimination standard and would like to help the Saint Lawrence Valley SPCA do the same.

A shelter should be a place of support where people and animals in the community can receive help. The data does not support this at the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA, but it is possible. Best friends are ready and willing to help the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA whenever they are ready to accept it.

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