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Boss Defrost could change the way restaurants defrost food while helping conserve water – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Gallons of water are wasted every day trying to safely thaw foods used in restaurants across the country. A Colorado team therefore invented a product to preserve this precious resource while helping kitchens efficiently cook frozen meat and vegetables. Boss Defrost is hoping to change an industry as many companies seek additional help saving money during a pandemic and communities nationwide are more concerned with protecting the environment.

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“We are considered the roof of all these rivers,” said Chris Starkus, Boss Defrost sales manager and company partner. “It makes sense that it started here. “

Starkus was Urban Farmer’s first executive chef in Denver and worked there for two years before deciding to change careers. He wanted to have a bigger impact beyond the kitchen, bringing 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He says the role Colorado played in launching this product is symbolic given that the Rocky Mountains are a crucial water source for the west and east.

“I wanted to inflict changes in the industry beyond just food,” he told CBS4 in February 2020. “It’s gallons and gallons of clean water that was wasted on one story. . “

The Boss Defrost device can attach to a container and has a pump that requires a power source. It recirculates the water and can monitor the temperature so that a food product can thaw inside a water bath. The typical process of leaving an item under running water also takes up valuable space in the kitchen, and removing items well in advance to thaw them in a refrigerator is not as convenient. Boss Defrost reduces water consumption in the thawing process by 98.5%, according to its website.

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“Boss Defrost saves you money, time and water,” Starkus said when demonstrating the device to his former employer. “You save this drinking water and these streams from top to bottom. “

The product launch came at a time when the restaurant industry was focusing more on the source of the food and ingredients it prepares in the kitchen. A desire for more recyclable and compostable items has also grown in the business. Starkus saw the aircraft change culture and improve operations when he was a leader.

“They are connected to nature through food, and water is just another part of that,” he said. “We can leave a legacy not only for our children, but for generations to come. “

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Although he never wanted to own a restaurant, he saw himself as an entrepreneur and Boss Defrost enabled him to pursue that goal. Married for 15 years, his wife joined the marketing team. The new job not only helped him change his old industry, but his personal life as well. He spends more time with his children, which he often thinks of when working on this product.

“To leave it better than we found it, and so, by teaching them this lesson and this understanding, they will continue,” Starkus said. “There has been no solution so far.”

Boss Defrost is a National Science Foundation certified water conservation device that mimics the USDA’s food thawing process, he explained. The former chief doesn’t seem to think of any reason why the industry didn’t seek out this idea sooner.

“When you know there is a solution, you are going to go for that solution,” he said. “It will make your life more efficient.”

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Not only is water conservation no longer a priority in restaurants, the product was launched at a time when kitchens were already understaffed and during the pandemic, labor shortages only made a difference. that accentuate. Starkus has tested the product for a year as a chef, so he knows he will help others in the same role. He also believes hunters and fishing enthusiasts could use the product as well. Anyone who buys food in bulk and freezes it can benefit, he said.

“The pandemic has really put emphasis on the environment and the hospitality of restaurants in general,” he said between the classes he teaches last week.

Starkus has returned to the kitchen since he first spoke to CBS4 about Boss Defrost 18 months ago, leading cooking students in the metro area. This added responsibility of working for Boss Defrost fuels his passion to leave a lasting impact. Over a year later, interest in the product continues to grow as the company follows its online success with a Boss card highlighting new users in different states. Starkus and his wife also traveled out of state to present the device. The inspiration they and the team have found locally stays with them as the concept spreads from coast to coast.

“Colorado is a leader in so many things and I am happy that it is a leader and that I can help it become a leader in water conservation,” he said. he declares.

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