Have dark thoughts? Help is an absence call or SMS

If you or someone you know is feeling down and having thoughts of harming yourself, know that help is available with just one call or text. And whatever the reason you may not believe things can get better, talking to someone will make a difference, we promise. There are a number of trained people you can talk to and rest assured that they will help you feel your best.

Here is a list of places to contact immediately if you have dark thoughts. And if you don’t feel like calling, it doesn’t hurt to drop a text.

24/7 telephone support: 91-9820466726

It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 a.m. and the world is asleep. If you are having suicidal thoughts, someone in Aasra is awake, so someone in distress can call them and help them. So if you are having suicidal thoughts call them out and let them be part of your pain. Rest assured that you will receive non-judgmental and uncritical listening. You can access more useful resources at

IM Alive Chat Help

By going to and pressing the blue “Chat Now” button, you can speak to a qualified professional with just one click. If you have any doubts, rest assured that all of the organization’s volunteers are trained and certified in crisis intervention. So no matter how bad it is, you can always text them. Please try to use your PC to chat as using the website on the phone may abruptly close chat connections.

Aasra Email Hotline

Aasra also offers email support in case you don’t feel like talking. Type in what you’re feeling and someone on the other end will read you, understand, and help you. To connect with them, write to [email protected]

ICALL helpline

iCALL is an initiative of the School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences. At iCALL, you can access free and professional advice via chat, phone and email. The iCALL helpline is 9152987821. The iCALL helpline email address is [email protected] You can find out more about iCALL at

Depression Chat Rooms

If you’re depressed and struggling to open up, you can muster your courage by seeing other vulnerable people and sharing their stories while others listen to them without judgment and offer moral support. To access it, go to

If you come to google you will find that so many people are trying so hard to help you save your life. We hope it will bring tears to your eyes for love, if not a big smile.

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