Randall Hedlund Joins Genesis Resources as COO

Richardson, Texas, October 11, 2021 – Genesis Resources acquires Randall Hedlund and his myriad of insurance expertise. Randall will lead organizational change and process improvement across all Genesis brands while creating cross-departmental success within Genesis and its partners. His results-oriented leadership style will provide Genesis partners with a future with exceptional expectations.

Randall Hedlund brings extensive leadership experience to the insurance industry, most recently from US Risk and NSM Insurance Group, where he has driven exceptional organizational growth by developing programs and leadership style that have enabled a high level of organic growth. Throughout his tenure he has been the subject matter expert in a variety of insurance programs including (but not limited to) property, inland navigation, general liability, guidelines and officers and surplus and surplus lines. Randall also effectively implemented organizational changes that shifted employee focus to a performance-based culture, further increasing company growth and employee satisfaction. Demonstrating his broad supervision and excellent technical skills, Randall quickly became a highly respected authority within the Genesis Resources organization.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any direction works, but you will probably end up where you started “- Randall Hedlund

Randall plans to bring Genesis Resources to a high level of success by implementing new products, programs and processes that enable Genesis to elevate its customers to a high level of success.

“Success breeds success” – Randall Hedlund

Trey Hugley: The professional level recruiting industry is constantly evolving. The fact that an expert manager and business leader like Randy joins our team only proves that we continue to move in the right direction. I believe that providing a confidential environment where we can make an impact on people’s lives is at the very heart of our existence. Adding Randy to our team will continue to enhance the professional development of everyone we impact as well as the organizational development and growth of every company that sees Genesis as a partner.

Randall Hedlund: Genesis Resources is a recognized leader in the recruitment industry offering a forward-thinking consultative approach. Moving from a historical, transaction-based approach to an elite partnership has set Genesis apart. Genesis is truly a new beginning for the recruiting industry.

About Genesis Resources
Genesis Resources is an executive search and recruitment company specializing in the insurance industry. Their consultative practices provide an elite partnership to organizations and individuals who choose to work with them. Genesis serves as a bridge between the best talent and the best organizations and values ​​professional growth and integrity in all aspects of the insurance industry.


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