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Winkler Water Conservation Level and Stanley Drop RM

The Town of Winkler and the RM of Stanley have reduced their water conservation levels to Level 2, or moderate. The announcement was made in a joint press release issued late Friday afternoon.

In June, communities issued a Level 3 advisory, a serious water conservation level, and in early August, the region also declared a state of drought emergency. The statement was made in partnership with many local municipalities to highlight the gravity of the situation facing the region.

It was noted in the joint statement that the combination of recent rains, the work being done by the Pembina Valley Water Co-op (PVWC) to reduce their catches along the Red River, the expected river flows and the reduction of the demand during the winter led to the decision to abandon the conservation level for the next few months.

Levels in the Red River have improved slightly thanks to the fall rains and some early forecast …

Residents are always urged to continue water conservation efforts to protect levels for the coming spring and summer. Protecting underground aquifers to transport the area during the winter, in case the Red River could not produce enough water, was the goal of conservation efforts.

The local state of drought emergency continues, as well as preparedness efforts for Spring / Summer 2021 if there was not enough runoff in all PVWC service areas.

“We are grateful for all the efforts that have been put in by the residents, and would like to express our thanks to everyone who participated in the water conservation effort this summer,” the statement said. “Your efforts have made a huge difference!

The Pembina Valley Water Co-op (PVWC) continues to make progress on a series of capital projects …

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