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MARIN COUNTY, CA – A pipeline project that would import an estimated 12.5 million gallons of water from the Central Valley to Marin under historic drought conditions does not suit an East Bay mayor who thinks the plan presents quality of life problems for its residents.

MMWD board chair Cynthia Koehler has yet to respond to a request from Patch to respond to the Richmond mayor’s claims.

The MMWD serves more than 190,000 inhabitants, mainly in the south of Marin.

According to Butt, the pipeline is rushed without proper oversight at the expense of the quality of life of Richmond residents, and it won’t even bring as much water to a community that hasn’t planned for the water shortages that have been predictable since Marin experienced a drought emergency in the late 1970s.

“The visual, traffic, noise, air pollution and other major negative impacts on the City of Richmond and its residents are being ignored, as are alternatives and mitigation measures, in the rush to proceed. and the adoption of an “emergency” statutory exemption under CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) ” Butt wrote in an October 18 newsletter.

“Richmond should suffer the consequences of poor planning and lack of water conservation by America’s 14th richest county.”

Butt in an October 20 newsletter wrote that “Marin doesn’t take the drought seriously. They still water the lawns and fill the swimming pools and will be at least until December. After the 1977 drought, they were warned to plan for the next one, but they didn’t. nothing done.”

Butt said the proposed pipeline would provide only 8% of the MMWD’s annual water consumption, and that only 40% of that supply has been secured.

The Mayor of Richmond wants the proposed pumping station to be moved from the proposed location of Castro Street and Tewskbury Avenue to an industrial site.

“Any new pumping station needs to be isolated from noise in residential areas,” Butt said.

“The City of Richmond and its residents must be compensated for the inconvenience of the proposed street excavations for the new pipelines.

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