Mullaperiyar Dam under TN jurisdiction, says Min Duraimurugan, State Water Resources


Tamil Nadu Minister of Water Resources Duraimurugan said on Saturday that the Mullaperiyar Dam is entirely under the jurisdiction and control of Tamil Nadu. The minister further asserted that the dam is currently monitored, maintained and administered by the state government. Duraimurugan made the announcement after some news reports on Saturday reported that the dam was under Kerala jurisdiction.

Referring to a 2014 Supreme Court judgment upholding the 999 year lease between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Duraimurugan said: “There will be no doubt. The Mullaiperiyar Dam is completely under the control of the government of Tamil Nadu. Some media reports describing the reservoir as being under the control of Kerala are contrary to the truth, ”DT Next reported.

Duraimurugan went on to say that depending on the level of precipitation in the dam area as well as the inflow and flow to the Vaigai Dam, the Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department is making appropriate efforts to retain the levels. of water up to 142 feet by order of the Supreme Court.

TN Water Resources Min Clarifies Mullaperiyar Dam Under State Jurisdiction

Further, the minister said referring to the October 28 Supreme Court ruling in a lawsuit filed by an individual that water was dumped from the reservoir by Tamil Nadu on the morning of October 28, in accordance with instructions from the WRO area office in Madurai. He then said that officials in Kerala had been informed in advance of the water discharge, as it is a customary protocol, and that the Minister of Water Resources of Kerala and some authorities were present when the dam sliding gates have been opened.

Duraimurugan said that due to the activity, some media reported that officials in Kerala opened the sliding doors or floodgates. “It’s very bad,” added Duraimurugan. He further revealed that 500 cusecs had been unloaded from the two locks of the dam on Friday, around 7:30 am.

The valves at the Mullaiperiyar Dam were lifted considerably higher on Saturday morning as the water level in the reservoir climbed to 138.90 feet, authorities said. Authorities said the three flaps of the spillway were raised to a height of 70cm each and 1,675 cusecs of water were dumped into the river.

Earlier, Kerala Water Resources Minister Roshy Augustine reviewed the location of the reservoir on Thursday due to concerns over rising water levels in the Mullaperiyar Dam due to heavy rainfall. The concern emerged following a report from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) released on October 28, Thursday, that between the period October 28 to November 1, a heavy to severe rain alert was indicated for Tamil Nadu. , Kerala, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

(Image: Durai murugan_Facebook / PTI)


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