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Danville City Council Seeks to Amend Auction Ordinance | New

Danville City Council is considering amending its ordinance on tendering for purchases and contracts to an extent to speed up the process for regular services and to appropriately reflect inflation since the last update.

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Cities are responsible for deciding when contracts will be awarded with or without tendering and what type of tendering is required, except in the case of public works projects, which are regulated by state law. , and professional services, in which qualifications as well as prices are taken into account.

There is a distinction between formal and informal offers, the former requiring delivery by sealed envelope and a “longer and more complex lead time”. Informal bids, on the other hand, can be sent by email or phone and are “typically used for smaller jobs that require a faster turnaround time and do not have complicated or specialized specifications,” according to the report. staff on the agenda for Tuesday.

Since the ordinance was last amended in 2013, inflation has increased by almost 22% and by almost 74% since earlier amendments in 1999. This means, according to city staff, that more contracts require bids in general, and offers in particular. This is tedious when it comes to routine maintenance, such as tree services.

Staff recommend that council amend the current ordinance to allow no bids for projects under $ 10,000 (instead of $ 5,000), informal bids for projects between $ 10,001 and $ 25,000 (at of $ 15,000.) No other part of the Auction Order would be changed under the proposed amendment.

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