D&D: 10 best free resources

Dungeons and Dragons is infamous for being a huge sink of money, but free online resources mean it doesn’t have to be. The Internet is vast and there are a whole host of useful resources available free of charge.

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While sometimes these tools end up being removed due to copyright, other resources are generic enough to skate or are sanctioned outright by Wizards of the Coast. There are so many different options to help a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

ten The official site has tons of free resources

D&D Tiamat

The official D&D website is full of free resources that include free pdf downloads for personal use of character sheets, old rulebooks, and even a free ground rules guide so people can just get started. . It’s shocking that such a big name is so generous with some of its materials, but it doesn’t stop there.

They also have a newsletter where they post little snippets here and there, just making it all publicly available. Starting with the official site is a great way to find fast, free resources.

9 Dungeon is a dungeon master’s best friend

Randomly generated dungeon

Dungeon is by far one of the best websites for builders. It has tons of different options for multiple editions of D&D as well as various table tops and generic generators.

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The best part is that Dungeon also has the ability to generate encounters with him, which makes him an essential tool in an overworked DM’s tool belt. Dungeon has Treasure Generators, City Generators, and so many other generators that it’s pretty much a one-stop shop.

8 Roll20 has a few free options

Roll20 layout

Roll20 is a well known website for making virtual tables. It is perfect for long distance play and has tons of free options for you to use. There are some things behind a paywall that are cool, but they are still extremely useful. At the very least, Roll20 is a good place to generate dice rolls and set up meetings on the fly, keeping everything tidy and organized on a screen rather than on paper.

7 HeroForge has a 3D generator where the digital version is free

Hero Forge Custom Figures Logo

Hero Forge is a site for making custom miniatures to purchase from a handful of different types of materials. However, there is no paywall to use the generator to create characters. In fact, there are even built-in screenshot options and the ability to download the render for free. Hero Forge is an awesome tool to help visualize characters, having a ton of options for gear, races, and poses. They also recently upgraded to allow colors which makes it even better.

6 DM’s guild has tons of free adventures

Dungeon Masters Guild

DM’s Guild has a ton of books and adventures for sale, but they also have a lot of great free and paid books too. DM’s Guild excels at providing free adventures for newbie dungeon masters, so it’s worth a look. What’s also great is that it’s not just official work either. There’s also community-created content, so if a dungeon gets knocked out, it’s entirely possible to create content too.

5 Fantastic name generators help find names for people and places

Fantastic name generator header

Fantasy Name Generators is a godsend. Not everyone wants to have characters with totally normal names, and sometimes the world would really benefit from a name that sounds better than The Material Plane. Fantastic name generators can really help give awesome names for characters, places and things that sound like fantastic words while being easy to pronounce and spell. They take a lot of inspiration from real-world examples, and there are a good handful of options for the generation.

4 D&D Sage Advice answers questions and provides one-page dungeons

D&D Sage Board Header

D&D Sage Advice is unique in that it has an active space where questions from the community are answered. If there is a confusing or controversial rule, someone who has worked on the game or has extensive experience can answer it. In addition, there are also annual contests and collections of One Page Dungeons, making Sage Advice a gold mine for quick plans or storylines, for finding maps or collecting NPCs.

3 The DM lair is full of free resources

DM Lair magazine header

The DM Lair is a website filled with free resources to help all kinds of Dungeon Masters get started. They also have a Patreon with additional perks and a magazine to purchase, but none of these are required to fully enjoy the website.

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The DM Lair looks a bit simple, but it’s extremely well organized and cuts down on prep time. There are adventure ideas, full adventures, NPCs, items, traps, and just about anything a DM could need.

2 Random is perfect for really random rolls generators has made itself one of the best websites on the internet for real luck. It has a few different generators from a generic number generator, to a roll of dice, to a coin toss, and to a shuffle of cards. Chance is a great resource when the dice are missing, short, or just a little too heavy. Chance also makes it possible to generate large-scale attacks in the blink of an eye, while also helping to give random numbers for decision making. Not to mention that the tool is a great alternative to other online number generators for long distance play.

1 Gozzy’s has fantastic maps and generators

Dismal Dungeon found on Gozzys as a free map in the gallery

Gozzy’s is an amazing site full of different types of card generators which can be used for almost any TTRPG. There are tons of options and styles to choose from to really do something awesome for the session. Gozzy’s also has a ton of free, already generated maps and content. Gozzy’s may be very simple and specialized, but it does the job really well.

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