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Two new wells to provide drinking water to Hoosick Falls

HOOSICK FALLS, NY (NEWS10) – Two test wells south of Hoosick Falls will serve as a new source of water for the village after years of testing, bottled water and home filtration systems. In addition, an existing village well will remain in service, according to the plan published by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Friday.

The DEC determined that Honeywell and Saint-Gobain were responsible for the PFOA contamination in the village’s water supply. The contamination was confirmed in 2016. From now on, the companies will be responsible for commissioning the test wells as well as the construction of a water transmission line between the new wells and the village water treatment.

“It has been a long time coming, but the group is confident that the process was as comprehensive as possible and that the decision reflects the priorities of the community,” said Brian Bushner, co-chair of the Community Engagement Working Group of the Hoosick area. “The CPWG appreciates all the time our community has invested in providing feedback and advice to DEC, as well as the incredible amount of work that DEC has helped bring to fruition. “

The DEC said it would ensure strict oversight of Honeywell and Saint Gobain during the switchover process. They also said companies will be required to continuously monitor the community for PFOA contamination.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone in our multi-year efforts to provide a permanent, clean supply of water to the people of Hoosick Falls,” said DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos. “From day one, we followed the science, addressed the immediate risks and worked closely with community leaders and residents to develop a long-term plan for a sustainable water supply in the village. “

Seggos also thanked the CPWG, Hoosick Falls Mayor Rob Allen, and other community leaders for their work so far. He also said the DEC would continue to work with them to ensure the community stays on top of any new PFOA contamination.

While we are grateful for taking this important milestone, we remain focused on what remains to be done and will do our utmost to continue to defend our residents and ensure that protections are in place so that our supply is forever protected against PFOA and any other type of contamination. Investigation and remediation will continue and we will continue to consider that an additional well based on the new uncontaminated source should be developed to serve as a backup for the new wells.

That being said, we applaud the choice of water source as we continue our comeback and economic recovery from the stigma of water contamination.

Hoosick Falls Mayor Rob Allen

The full DEC decision is below: