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Santa Fe’s irrigation season officially ended in November. Even though the gardening months are behind us, water conservation needs to be a year-round endeavor for residents and businesses.

There are a lot of things we can do to help save water and energy during the winter, and it all starts with preparing our homes and businesses for the cold months.

Frozen pipes can burst, causing costly leaks. So be sure to winterize your outdoor irrigation system. It’s time to disconnect the garden hoses and cover and insulate your faucets. Preparing water systems for the cold months includes draining your hoses, turning off your irrigation timer, and closing the main shutoff valve for the season. Also, don’t forget to empty your rain barrels so they don’t crack.

Your wintering checklist

To avoid frozen pipes and costly repairs, the City suggests residents and businesses follow these precautions:

-Turn off your irrigation controller

-Close the main shut-off valve

-Disconnect and drain the external pipes

-Insulate the pipes above ground

Businesses are also encouraged to save water year round.

Public, semi-public and government entities are required to post water conservation signs in toilets and showers.

Hotels, motels and other accommodation establishments must provide a water conservation information map or brochure in a visible location in every room.

All public and private catering establishments must provide water only on demand and must communicate this clearly to customers through table tents, a note on the menu or clearly visible signage.

The accommodation facilities should not change sheets and towels once every four (4) days for guests staying more than one night.

Ownership companies and others who enter into real estate transactions must provide the purchaser with the water conservation documentation provided by the city.

The City will provide water conservation literature to new water customers.

The owner or property manager must repair minor leaks in the water system, as determined by the city, within fifteen days of the initial notification by the Water Division; serious leaks must be repaired immediately.

A smart step to keep an eye

Finally, an essential smartphone tool for residents and businesses is the EyeOnWater Badger Meter, Inc.’s EyeOnWater mobile app is available free of charge to all city water customers. It recognizes the continuous flow of water through your meter, which is a strong indicator that you might be having a leak. As a web-based customer portal, EyeOnWater allows you to set up leak alerts and view your daily or weekly water usage using easy-to-understand graphs. You can either download the mobile app or log into the website using a laptop or desktop. Monitoring usage is simple, cost-free, and can save you money on your bill. The “Eil” will help you learn how and where you can save more water. Register on santafenm.eyeonwater.com/signup.