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Jaiden Krizan, senior at Hebron High School, said when it comes to his small town school, he likes to get involved as much as he can.

One of the ways he enjoys engaging with his peers is through being on the student council. He acts as secretary and was previously the president.

“I like to be involved in the decision-making and to have my say,” he said. “When it comes to school events, everyone tends to complain instead of doing anything. Since I was young, instead of complaining, I prefer to be in the place to make decisions.

Christine and Jason Krizan’s son, from Hebron, is the Teen of the Week this week. Thirty-two high school students will be recognized by spring, when a Teen of the Year will be selected among the weekly winners to receive a $ 5,000 scholarship sponsored by MDU Resources Group.

Hebron High School Senior Jaiden Krizan is this week’s MDU Resource Week Teenager.


Krizan’s list of extracurricular activities also includes National Honor Society, School Mentoring, Group, Choir, and FFA.

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Krizan has been in FFA since the seventh year. He has served as a sentry for the past two years. He said he and his chapter enjoy giving back to the community through free will breakfasts and other service projects.

“Being in a small town of about 900 people, everyone has to look out for each other here,” Krizan said. “Everyone knows each other and it’s nice to know that there are other people looking out for you and the community. “

Krizan is also an active athlete, playing football and basketball, and participating in track and field.

He also tried cross-country in his second year when he had to quit football after suffering a concussion. But Krizan said he loved football too much not to play, and returned to being a linebacker in his freshman year. In the second quarter of his first comeback, Krizan suffered a second concussion. He was able to play football again this year but had to be the kicker and the kicker.

“Being linebacker was my favorite part of the sport; I never really had the opportunity to experience this at the university level, apart from this quarter and a half that I was able to play, ”he said. “But I love football and I’m happy to be able to still be a part of this team.”

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Social studies teacher and basketball coach Greg Pruitt said that Krizan not only excels as a student athlete, but is also dedicated to being a positive member of his community.

“He stands out from other student athletes I have worked with in the past because of his exceptional academic and motivational skills,” Pruitt wrote in a letter of recommendation. “He impressed me with his dedication to his peers and always putting their interests ahead of his own. “

Straight Student A maintains a GPA of 3.9 and has completed two double credit courses. Krizan said successfully completing his education would help him achieve his goal of someday working in banking.

Krizan plans to attend Bismarck State College before enrolling in a four-year school and earning a degree in Marketing and Business.