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Paducah School Board Approves $ 10.6 Million Energy Saving Project | News

The Paducah Independent School District Board has approved an energy conservation project proposal from Ascendant Facility Partners, a company that provides full-service energy and infrastructure solutions and is based in Paducah.

This action took place Thursday during a special meeting at the Paducah Innovation Hub.

The project will involve several schools in the city and includes renovations and upgrades to water conservation, water heaters, kitchen hood and freezer upgrades, heating, upgrades bus clock heater, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment upgrades, boiler upgrades, lighting upgrades, heat pump upgrades and more.

The total cost of the project is $ 10.63 million, but Ascendant has guaranteed $ 5.6 million in energy savings.

“I think the big part, looking at this, the two main keys for me are: Paducah Tilghman’s HVAC system was installed in 1998,” Superintendent Donald Shively told the board. “This was my second year of teaching at Tilghman, so there is a significant upgrading opportunity there.

“And the economy, to give you an idea: we’ve had a series of compressors in the last couple of years, so we’re done, I think that’s $ 1,419 budget for maintenance, contours, repair of the HVAC system in Tilghman, so it’s just draining our budget, in particular, there.

Shively said there would also be significant savings in building envelopes, as schools leak cool air and heat. Lighting would also be improved with energy efficient equipment.

The guaranteed savings of $ 5.6 million can be used to offset some of the cost of upgrades. The remainder is paid through the potential state bond.

Board chairman Dr Carl LeBuhn asked Shively what would happen if the $ 5.6 million in savings were not realized through energy savings.

“Then I think they owe us money,” he said. “We did this in 2009, I believe, before updating the CVCs of two elementary schools, McNabb and Clark.

“(The Kentucky Department of Education) is allowing us to do that with the $ 5.6 million in savings, which should be more savings than that over the 20 years. These savings are made each year to make these debt repayments. “

After the meeting, Shively said every school in the district can expect improvements.

“I hope the first key point is that we are going to brighten up every classroom in the district for our three elementary schools, our middle school and our high school, which really has an impact on the learning environment,” he said. he told reporters.

“… Using the energy savings project opportunity allows us to make approximately $ 10.6 million in facility upgrades in each of the schools in our district while not affecting our potential. bond than $ 5 million. “