Soil and water

Evacuation orders in place in Inland Empire neighborhoods – NBC Los Angeles


Evacuation orders were in place Tuesday morning for several places in the Inland Empire, where heavy rains were expected to fall on several scars from burns from forest fires, creating a risk of debris flows and mudslides.

As the wind began to pick up and the rain began to shift, the San Bernardino County Fire Captain said resources were being deployed throughout the county.

These resources included rescue personnel, heavy equipment and engines, in the event of a debris flow.

The captain was on his way to the Lytle Creek burn scar area on Tuesday morning.

“Bare ground without vegetation can only support a certain amount of water at a time,” said Captain Kyle Hauducoeur. “Once he decides he’s going to move – we’ve set these thresholds, we continue to monitor them – but once that debris starts to move, it’s unstoppable. It’ll lift cars, it’ll move houses. “

Some residents say they will stay and ride as businesses worry about the possibility of mudslides. Anoushah Rasta reports on December 13, 2021.

Evacuations were in place for the Lytle Creek area, with orders in place for residents just north of Lytle Creek due to the fire burn scar to the south.

Evacuation orders were also in place for residents of communities near the El Dorado burn scar:

  • Oak Glen,
  • Forest falls,
  • Village of mountain houses,
  • northeast of Yucaipa, and
  • Highway 38, from Bryant to Angeles Oaks.

Designated evacuation centers included:

  • Redlands East Valley High School,
  • Jessie Turner Community Center.

Those in the area with larger animals requiring shelter may bring their animals to:

  • San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control, and
  • Devouring Animal Center

See an interactive map of San Bernardino County evacuation areas here.

Riverside County also issued evacuation orders for areas near the Apple burn scar in 2020. This included communities north of Beaumont and Banning.

Highway 38 was closed to visitors via Forest Falls, open only to residents at the time.

The rain also created dangers on the road, with poor visibility along Highway 15 around 6.30am Tuesday. Traffic reinforcements were present on the road.

Some locals got a glimpse of the damage heavy rains can cause during storms in October, when there was much less rain than Tuesday’s storm.