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Summer renovations upgrade Ella White Elementary School | News, Sports, Jobs

News photo by Barbara Woodham Principal Thomas Berriman and students playing a play for the council.

ALPENA – After a busy summer of renovations, the Alpena Public Schools School Board held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday to celebrate upgrades at Ella White Elementary School.

APS Superintendent Dave Rabbideau delivered a speech in the new entrance and secure office, paid for with the Safe, Warm, and Dry Bond, which was approved by voters in March 2020.

“Ella White received the majority of the work this summer,” Rabbideau said. “I think about $ 6.1 million worth of work, so it was fast and furious and wide.”

Rabbideau thanked the community for the bonding and said there was still work to be done now that the district was entering the second stage of bonding.

The tape was cut by a student and everyone seemed happy with the job they did including a secure entrance, new boilers, plumbing upgrades, new roof, ceiling repairs, new parking lot, upgraded lighting. updated, water conservation measures and upgraded controls, which allow the building to operate more efficiently and profitably.

News Photo by Barbara Woodham Superintendent Dave Rabbideau delivers a speech before the ribbon dries at Ella White Elementary School.

At its meeting, the board discussed several policies and approved and adopted nine. The COVID-19 emergency vaccination, screening and face covering policy was also adopted, but still not unanimously.

Several board members expressed their views on the emergency policy and said they felt they had no choice but to pass it.

They urged the community to write letters to their state and federal officials with any complaints.

A small group of community members voiced their views on the policies among the crowd. Shannon Vivero, a parent of three APS students, said she is fighting to have her children exempt from wearing masks.

She called on the district to hold a APS Parents ‘Vote to see the collective parents’ position on the issue.

Before the political discussion, the reunion had a touch of Christmas spirit and began with Principal Thomas Berriman, dressed in a full Santa costume, performing in a play with a group of students.

The play was, “You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man.”

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