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The Gambia to host the 4th edition of the International AGM of the Tambedou Kunda Family Association

The Gambia will host this year the 4th edition of the International Annual General Assembly of the Tambedou Kunda Family Association with more than 250 members from Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Bissau and Gambia with the expected diaspora.

The meeting will be held in Bijilo, from December 23 to 26, 2021, under the auspices of the General Khalif of the Tambedou Kunda family in The Gambia and the Imam of Bijilo, Abdoukarim Tambedou.

Founded in 2018, the Association aims to promote harmony and development of the Tambedou Kunda family in the sub-region. Its membership is open to all members of the Tambedou dynasty across the world. Mali, which joined the Association this year, will join the 4th Edition.

“Strengthening family relationships is prophetic advice. Our annual gathering aims to bring loved ones closer together and cultivate sympathy for one another,” General Khalif Abdoukarim Tambedou said at a recent family reunion.

The annual meeting aims to provide an open channel for interaction and communication among family members, promote harmony, dignity and goodwill among members, mobilize resources for the improvement of individual and collective affairs of the Association, to work collectively in activities contributing to the sustainable development of the group and to expose the youngest to the history of Tambedou.

Assan Tambedou, elder brother of General Khalif and member of the local organizing committee, said the annual gathering gives members the opportunity to interact and get to know each other. “Connecting parents who do not know each other is important. It is thanks to this that I got to know most of my relatives both in The Gambia and in the sub-region,” he said. declared.

He called on all members to find it necessary to know their roots and loved ones around the world by attending the annual gathering.

A representative of the Association’s diaspora branch, Ebrahim Tambedou, said that strengthening relative ties is close to godliness, saying Almighty Allah himself has advised mankind to classify them into tribes and ethnic groups so that they can get to know each other and coexist.

For him, the annual gathering helped to better understand the history of the Tambedou clan, while calling on other families to do the same in order to strengthen love and peaceful coexistence between them.

Association Secretary General and Public Relations Officer, Gambia Section, Amadou Tambedou, said this year’s AGM activities will include recitation of the Holy Quran, Association profile, country reports. members, the history of Tambedou, the generation of ideas for the growth of the Association, the member countries and the socio-economic development of individual members.