China launches new high-resolution camera satellite to find resources: The Tribune India

Beijing, December 26

China on Sunday launched a new satellite with a camera capable of taking photos of the ground with a resolution of five meters, the National Space Administration of China (CNSA) said.

The satellite, called “Ziyuan-1 02E” or “five-meter 02 optical satellite”, was launched by a Long March-4C rocket from the Taiyuan satellite launch center in northern China’s Shanxi province. .

The Ziyuan-1 02E weighs approximately 2.5 kilograms and is equipped with infrared, near infrared and hyperspectral cameras. The cameras can take panchromatic color images of the Earth, CGTN-TV reported.

The satellite will work with the five-meter optical satellite 01 and will reduce the revisiting time of Chinese territory from three days to two days.

Images taken by the satellite duo will help engineers study China’s geological environment and search for minerals. People working in other fields like transport, agriculture and disaster mitigation will also receive help through the images, according to the report.

The Long March-4C carrier rocket also sent a small satellite belonging to Beijing 101 Middle School into orbit.

It carries payloads such as a small imaging camera, intelligent processing equipment, and equipment to conduct experiments on thermoelectric generation of semiconductors, state news agency Xinhua reported.

It will carry out auxiliary geography lessons, scientific and technological experiments and other scientific popularization activities for secondary school pupils. PTI