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From summer heat dome and forest fires to recent flooding, the effects of climate change have become more apparent. Going forward, these effects are expected to impact virtually every aspect of life here on Vancouver Island and beyond, from food production and transportation to insurance costs.

Yet there are things we can all do to help slow climate change and mitigate its effects, in addition to tackling other related environmental challenges, such as food and water security, plastic pollution, and household waste. .

It is these issues, but also viable things that we can all do to help, that are presented in Live green, the latest special report by Monday Magazine and the Victoria News, produced with community partners, the Capital Regional District and Tire Stewardship BC.

In Live green, we feature stories exploring some of the key issues of environmental concern, and a host of local resources that can help readers make a difference – at home and in the larger environmental context.

Featured, for example, is an interview with Faron Anslow of the University of Victoria’s Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium exploring how climate change means the South Island will experience higher average temperatures and much more rainfall. This in turn will lead to changes in agriculture and water demand, health implications and challenges for our transportation system. At the same time, local municipalities are preparing climate action plans to address the challenges of mitigation and adaptation.

We also share vital information to help you make improvements in your own home and practices that can support bigger change – including reducing food waste, practical steps to reduce water use, easy ways. to support pollinators in the garden, the switch to electric vehicles, and much more.

Live green is the latest in a series of award-winning community publications that have explored important issues ranging from the overdose crisis to mental health to the coronavirus.

The most recent posts included those from last summer Finding Hope: Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence, the Financial Literacy Guide, and Coronavirus: your guide to the new normal, which won first place at the BC-Yukon Community Newspaper Awards for COVID coverage. The launch of the series was recognized with the Webster AwardOverdose Prevention Guide, addressing a range of vital topics surrounding the current opioid crisis.

To learn more about what you can do to create a greener community, check out the Live green guide from locations around Greater Victoria, or read the electronic edition online here.

And stay tuned… we are working on many more exciting topics. Together we can make the community stronger.

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