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HeleWai Eco Tours Explore Maui’s Peaceful Untouched Pu’u Kukui Preserve

MAUI, Hawaii (KGO) — A one-of-a-kind journey awaits to explore a side of Hawaii that many don’t see.

HeleWai Eco Tours are an unforgettable way to experience the ecosystem and watershed of a peaceful and truly untouched Hawaiian rainforest.

“Hawaiian culture is very polite,” said HeleWai Eco Tours cultural advisor Kainoa Horcajo. “When we enter places, we announce who we are.”

This personalized nature tour honors the beauty and wonder of Maui as you venture into the Pu’u Kukui Preserve. Along the way, you’ll gain deeper insight into Maui’s native landscapes, local flora and fauna, and water conservation efforts.

“Throughout Maui, 60% of all of our drinking water comes from the Fukui watershed. This supplies all of the Ka’anapali resorts. It supplies almost all of South Maui, just from this little area here,” a Horcajo nods.

After the tour, you will leave knowing the island’s sacred connection to water and the importance of nature conservation. End your day with a visit to Honolua Bay to marvel at the ocean and enjoy a pineapple refreshment and snack.

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