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Utica Shale Drilling Benefits Ohio | News, Sports, Jobs

Editor, News-Register:

Austin Lakes RV Park and Cabins is nestled on 1,300 acres in Jefferson County, where we provide space for guests from everywhere to come and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Over the years we have leased our land to various companies to enable natural gas and oil development while using the revenue generated to make long term investments and conservation efforts in the tree farm and campground. -cars.

One conservation project we are most proud of is our work alongside the Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District, where we planted clover and milkweed to improve pollination efforts and the population of monarch butterflies in the region.

By working alongside these companies, we were able to reinvest and promote Austin Lakes RV Park and Cabins into a nationally recognized RV park for customers nationwide and employed 350 young seasonal workers in the area. since 2010.

Our story is one of many that have benefited the natural gas and oil industry in Ohio. And thanks to groups like the Utica Energy Alliance, a group that seeks to raise the voices of industry players, many in the state understand just how important the benefits of natural gas and oil are. .

The Utica Shale has given us the opportunity to improve the lives of members of our community and we are grateful for the cooperative support of those working in and advocating for the natural gas and oil industry.

William B. Cable

Austin Lakes RV Park and Cabins

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