Nebraska Humane Society’s resources dwindled after saving large numbers of animals

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Nearly 90 animals are given a second chance at life after being left in dire conditions.

A whole team from the Nebraska Humane Society is working to make sure these animals get the care they need.

The major influx of animals here all started with a tip from the Omaha police officers.

“There were many animals there that were neglected, in filthy conditions inside the house. not habitable for humans let alone animals,” said Steve Glandt, vice president of field operations for the Nebraska Humane Society.

After obtaining a search warrant, NHS teams rushed to help the animals. Inside the home near 45th and Burdette streets – in addition to the approximately 90 surviving dogs, reptiles and birds – about 40 other animals were found dead.

Now the team here is launching its own investigation.

“We have ongoing forensic examinations to conduct. we have to photograph the animals and document any kind of issues of neglect, injuries, etc., and all of that goes into the case that we present to prosecutors,” Glandt said.

As the crews work on the sequel to this case, they also face other major challenges. Last month, crews took in nearly 600 animals from another case of neglect. These animals still inhabit the NHS.

“We are taxed to the point where we overflow. especially the critter populations,” Glandt said.

Officials say they have room for all the animals from now on, although the population here has more than doubled in a matter of weeks.

The big concern now is resources.

“We have food, we have staff who have to look after these animals all the time, and again with the different stages of neglect they are in, that is also going to place a huge demand on our veterinary staff. “, said Glandt.

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