When do resources reappear in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

Just about every Pokemon game of the past has been known to hold certain scapegoats for easily obtaining resources and Pokemon Legends: Arceus is surely no different. In the case of Legends, it’s important for trainers to understand when and how materials respawn in main slots, as they can be difficult to find after a while. So whether you’re on the hunt for Apricorns, Tumblestones, or just about anything else, here’s when to expect them to respawn.

Regardless of the material, every item you picked up from the wild will only respawn once you travel to Jubilife Village and then return to that location. For example, Obsidian Fieldlands is full of various berry trees near his Fieldlands camp – just off the path to Jubilife Village. So if players pick these berries, go to Jubilife and then return to the same trees, they will find the berries have respawned. Even better, each item will spawn in the same location you last found them.

It should be noted that resting at nearby base camps, even for several days, will not resupply the area. However, it may be easier to just farm some resources (like Apricorns and Medicinal Leeks) at the farm in Jubilife Village, as going back and forth for this method can be painfully tedious after a while.

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