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The former head of the Warri association denounces the “lack of interest” of the current executive

By Neto Baptiste

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Warri Association (ABWA), Joel Carrwas ordered to pull himself together and get the association back on track.

This was the message of a former president of the association, Trevor Cranstonwho said recent efforts by him and others to rejuvenate interest in the sport of the mind from a nonprofit perspective have all yielded no results.

“We tried to start the war and I asked Mr. Belgrove Gregory who is another person from the warri association and we tried to have several meetings but unfortunately some members did not come out. I call on the President Mr Joel Carr and his executive to arrange the meetings so that we can get warri back on track because you know warri is one of our greatest mental sports and Antigua is the best warri playing nation in the world, so I am saying here publicly, Mr Joel Carr, please roll up your socks and bring the warri association together with your executive,” he said.

Cranston, who said his intention was simply to try to motivate officials, revealed there was little to no interest from the executive members in place to help with the effort.

“I love warri and you know king george taxi rank is a mental sports area and you have warri and drafts and you have dominoes but i love the game of warri because the guys playing are my close friends and warri is a great mental sport that helps you plan and strategize.

“Mr Belgrove Gregory a former member of the executive encouraged me to work with the executive so I tried my best to bring warri back but unfortunately the executive didn’t show much interest “, did he declare.

When contacted, Carr was unable to comment on the matter, but promised to do so at a later date.

The warri association has not held a meeting for more than five years, nor has it held any official tournaments.