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The departmental commission approves the 2022 budget

Nodaway County Commissioners approved projected revenues and expenses for 2022 during their budget hearing on Jan. 27.

The past two years have brought millions into county coffers with federal funds from the CARES Act, $2.59 million, and more recently, from the US Bailout Act, $4.290 million, which are also a basic transfer to other entities and companies. as needed by the county.

The $11.942 million budget provides about $200,000 more in sales tax revenue than last year. Road and bridge gravel taxes are expected to reach approximately $1.6 million.

The commission elected to levy 16¢ per $100 taxable value or $652,240 for the administration center due to estimated operating costs of $541,410 which include a debt payment of $356,000 and a potential maintenance of $24,000. There is a line item budgeted for new construction of $95,000 which will be used for the Children’s Advocacy Center.

Children’s Advocacy Center is a new initiative of the Sheriff’s Department with a $191,905 grant from the state. Expenses are expected to be approximately $180,500.

It is estimated that the E911 fund will bring in $89,000 in taxes that will go to the city of Maryville. The E911 fund brought in $108,110 in 2021. It will result in $10,000 in expenditures for the county for signage.

County Clerk Melinda Patton, the County Budget Officer, delivered the budget message to commissioners during the budget hearing. To see on page 11 of this week NNL editing.

Although no major construction or maintenance projects are planned for the coming year, minor repairs will be made to the Nodaway County Courthouse to maintain the structure in its current condition.

Every county employee, both hired and elected full-time, received a five percent COLA raise this year.

The general revenue operating fund for the coming year is estimated at $5.977 million, nearly $1 million more than last year.

The Department of Roads and Bridges budget is $2.193 million, with a slight increase in revenue from last year. The county plans to build five bridges in the coming year, including two BRO bridges. The money for this department comes from the following: gas tax, $875,000; vehicle tax, $430,000; property tax, $170,000; and general revenue, $250,000.

County funds support several general public welfare agencies. Amounts approved include: Extension Council, $27,500; Regional Council of Northwest Missouri Governments, $4,531; New Nodaway Human Society, $2,000; North Star Plea, $2,500; Big Brothers Big Sisters, $2,000; Northwest Missouri Business Facilitation, $2,000; Nodaway County Economic Development, $41,000; emergency management, $14,200; Soil and Water Conservation, $17,500; The Ministry Center, $2,500; and the Boys’ State, $1,000.

The county is also donating $2,000 to Children’s Mercy Hospital to support Nodaway County children who use the facility for medical needs.