Water conservation

3,500 trees donated to county residents


A local organization distributed about 3,500 trees in Madison County last week to promote conservation efforts across the county.

Celia Miller, district administrator for the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District, said they had no problem disposing of the approximately 3,500 saplings they ordered for the event. .

“Yeah, we donated all of our trees,” Miller said. “Saturday in Kroger, as soon as I parked my truck, a line started to form that took up almost half of the parking lot.”

On Friday they were in Ridgeland. Lauren LaSource from Gluckstadt got some trees, including an apple tree sapling. She and her husband, Austin, have land around Canton where she hopes to plant trees.

She said it would be a fun demonstration for her three-year-old son, Beau.

“He loves apples and this will be a great nature lesson for him,” LaSource said. “That will show him how things grow.”

Miller and his volunteers started on Wednesday, February 2, across from Corner Street Market on Main Street in Flora. The next day, February 3, they were in the courthouse square in Canton, and on February 4, they parked in front of Ridgeland City Hall. They closed the week on Saturday February 5 in Madison at the Colony Crossing Kroger.

The gift lots included saplings of white oak, myrtle oak, and red maple. They also offered bouquets of flowering trees. These include the Red Crape Myrtles and Flowering Dogwoods for $5. Red Delicious Apple packages were $20.

Miler said they have been donating trees since 1977 and have given out about one million trees during that time.

“We do this as community service,” Miller said. “Planting trees can help prevent erosion and replace the trees we have lost over the years.”