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Aloe Vera of America Receives Two Awards for Environmental Health Efforts | national news

For the seventh year, the manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products has received the Blue Thumb Award and the Pollution Prevention Award

DALLAS, February 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aloe Vera of America, Inc. on dallasmanufacturer and distributor of Forever Living’s aloe vera products in over 160 countries, recently received two awards, the Blue Thumb Award and the Pollution Prevention Award, for its continued commitment to environmental health.

Issued by the City of Dallas, both awards are based on Aloe Vera of America’s annual compliance performance and best management practices for the conservation of natural resources. This is the seventh year that Aloe Vera of America has won both a Blue Thumb Award and a Pollution Prevention Award.

The Blue Thumb Award is a prestigious honor given to organizations that meet all local and federal pretreatment requirements for reporting, monitoring, and manufacturing wastewater. It is based on regulatory compliance for all permit limits when the City of Dallas performs its tests on the quality of wastewater discharges. To achieve this quality of discharge, Aloe Vera of America treats its facility’s produced water discharges – removing any possible pollutants through chemical processes – before they are returned to the City of Dallas sewage disposal system.

The Aloe Vera of America facility has three wastewater sampling points from which samples are taken, without notice, twice a month. To qualify for the Blue Thumb Award, the Aloe Vera of America had to achieve 24 perfect water sampling results in a calendar year and pass two annual inspections with perfect scores. To date, Aloe Vera of America has achieved 168 consecutive perfect sewage sampling results and 14 perfect inspections.

“Our primary goal is to ensure that all Forever companies comply with all federal, state and municipal environmental and occupational safety regulations, standards and mandates,” says Raphael Hernandez, Corporate Director of Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health for Forever Living. “We continuously research and implement initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations. From Aloe Farms in the Dominican Republic and Mission, Texasat our manufacturing facilities in Texas, Arizona and Florida.”

The Pollution Prevention Award, also known as the P2 Award, is based on best practices in pollution prevention. It is awarded to companies that are committed to reducing or eliminating pollutants through increased efficiency of raw materials, energy, water or other resources – or the protection of natural resources through conservation .

Aloe Vera of America recently received this award for its focus on water conservation efforts during the cleaning process of manufacturing equipment. From January 2021 at September 2021American Aloe Vera retained 353,400 gallons of water.

“We are currently focused on improving our energy and water conservation programs to continue our commitment to the environment, health and water,” Hernandez said of the ongoing efforts. of Aloe Vera of America.

As part of this ongoing commitment, Aloe Vera of America has also implemented a waste recycling program to reduce its use of plastics and recycle waste responsibly. Additionally, Aloe Vera of America is certified to ISO environmental and safety standards and in 2022 will begin the process to obtain ISO certifications for water and energy conservation.

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A member of the Forever Living family of companies, Aloe Vera of America manufactures and distributes Forever Living products in over 160 countries. Forever Living’s aloe vera is carefully grown and grown in Mission, Texas and the Dominican Republic before arriving at Aloe Vera of America, where it is formulated into high quality health, wellness and beauty products.

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