Connecting with Social Services Resources at the Public Library — Neuse News

The staff members expressed to me the importance of the role that the regional libraries of Neuse play in the community. Our local libraries provide a welcoming environment for community members to connect with a variety of resources. As a result, many community members depend on the library as an accessible resource for basic information and services. It is the mission of the regional libraries of Neuse to provide easily accessible services that meet the needs of the community. Serving as a community center, the library often accommodates a wide range of needs from local residents. Thanks to the Let’s Connect program, the library will be able to focus more on the individual needs of these users.

The Let’s Connect program is there for community members whose needs go beyond books. The goal of the program is to provide access to supportive information to make appropriate referrals that meet customer needs. As a Community Resource Specialist, I can offer clients expert assistance in a variety of public services and help them resolve any personalized issues they may be experiencing. I am here to help individuals access the documents, information and resources needed to achieve their personal aspirations. This may include, but is not limited to; health care, mental health services, housing, employment, financial and legal services. It is important to note that as a Community Resource Specialist, although I cannot provide these services directly to clients, I am available to assist with referrals and provide guidance in the process of connecting with local agencies.

My services will be open to the public from February 2. If you are interested, you can arrange a viewing at the Kinston-Lenoir County Public Library or contact me by email at [email protected] or call me at 252-527-7066 ext. 134. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, I look forward to getting to know the Kinston community!