Mandatory COVID-19 test for unvaccinated employees | Human ressources

Advice for supervisors of unvaccinated employees

Supervisors should be familiar with the testing process and the FAQs below. Supervisors will be notified of their direct reports who are required to test. Each week, Human Resources will receive a report of employees who took the test the previous week. Human Resources will monitor reports and compare missed tests with Workday-approved time off to determine policy violations. If disciplinary action needs to be taken, Human Resources will contact the supervisor to discuss the situation.

The weekly testing process can be done at work or at home, but should not interfere with your job duties. Employees who choose to take the test outside of normal working hours will not be paid for this time. The testing process should take 15-20 minutes and can be done during work time.

In general, the supervisor plays no role in the testing process. If an employee tests positive, the employee is required to notify the supervisor. The supervisor should remind the employee to send positive test results to [email protected] This will exempt the employee from the test for 90 days.

Supervisors should ensure that employee leave requests are entered into Workday and approved in a timely manner, as this information will be reviewed if employees do not pass the test in any given week.

Supervisors should exercise discretion when engaging in conversations with employees regarding vaccination exemptions. Supervisors do not need to monitor their employees’ tests. Any conversation should be business-based, need-to-know. This usually happens when an employee has tested positive or failed the test. Please contact the Human Resources department with any questions you have.