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They tell the UN they are violating the rights of Jean Alain Rodríguez

The President of the Institute of Human rights of the World Association of Jurists, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, denounced before the office of the High Commissioner for Human rights of the United Nations (UN), Michelle Bachelet Jeria, who would have been the former lawyer Jean-Alain Rodriguez is currently the victim of a violation of the Human rights in the Dominican Republic.

According to a press release, Gutiérrez pointed out in his letter to the High Commissioner that the World Organization of Jurists studied the judicial procedure followed by the former prosecutor, “noting a disproportion in the measure of deprivation of liberty against him, in addition to being useless, given his family, personal and professional roots in the country, their voluntary assistance to the headquarters of the Public Ministry”.

Furthermore, he indicated that other violations of his right to defense occurred during the hearings and that various public information was disseminated in retaliation for his actions as Attorney General.

The representative of the main association of jurists in the world also pointed out that Rodríguez is in a prison surrounded by people who are imprisoned there during his administration, for which his life is in danger.

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He concluded by expressing his great concern and solidarity with the former lawyer, while asking the UN to respect the fundamental rights violated by the actions of the current leaders of the Dominican Republic.

The former lawyer’s defense counsel reiterated that the lawyer specializing in the prosecution of administrative corruption (Pepca) took this process to the limit and that his client patiently waited for them to conduct the proper investigation, being most interested in seeing it conducted thoroughly and thoroughly, but within the law and legality, which he claims has not happened in this whole case.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested an additional extension because it has no evidence or has concluded the investigation after a year and a half of work, the mandate of which expires this Wednesday, March 8, and in its request for an extension, it does not presented no single piece of evidence linking the ex-prosecutor to an illicit act. the immediate release of the former “prosecutor”, reports the press release.

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