Water conservation

San Diego County Water Districts before the Conservation Game – NBC 7 San Diego

Although the governor of California has made overtures to save water, most water districts in San Diego County are already ahead of the game.

Governor Gavin Newsom recently asked everyone to try to conserve up to 20% of their water as the state experiences another drought. The Sweetwater Authority in San Diego’s South Bay area, however, said 200,000 customers are already ahead of those savings.

“We have been able to manage this drought quite well so far thanks to our local investments and local resources,” said Doug Roberts, program manager for Pure water.

Local investments include equipment modernization and desalination. The Sweetwater Authority was the first water agency in San Diego County to desalinate groundwater for drinking water. The San Diego County Water Authority said it and its member agencies have invested billions of dollars in expanded reservoirs, water purification and desalination. SDCWA also said residents have trained to save water over the years, which amounts to a total savings of 40%.

“We never really come out of a default drought setting,” Roberts said.

Besides simply using less water indoors, people like Paul and Bernice Rodriguez have saved a lot of water outdoors by removing grass around their Chula Vista home and planting resistant plants. to drought that thrive in low water conditions.

“During the dry season, I will only water my landscapes once every three weeks,” Paul said as he stood amid the colorful plants in his front yard, adding, “You have to plan for the future. “.

The couple won the Sweetwater Authority’s WaterSmart Landscape Competition in 2021. The Water District is currently hosting the 2022 competition.

Paul said this is one of the easiest ways to save a good amount of water.

“It’s a Southern California way of life,” he said.