The WasteNot Project provides helpful resources at the start of spring cleaning

Spring is upon us and that means spring cleaning season is here. It feels good to clean up the store, garage or guest room. But remember, not everything has to go straight to the landfill. Consider reusing, donating, or recycling before sending your dusty old things to be buried in the landfill.

Not sure where to bring items to recycle or what can be recycled? Don’t worry, the WasteNot project has the answers. The WasteNot Project has just updated its “How to Recycle in Flathead Valley” brochure. This information brochure can be found in most public buildings in the valley and online at The WasteNot project also recently updated its Fix It Local and Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal information.

Check out the “Fix It Local” brochures if you’ve found something you love but is broken. These are great resources with listings of over 100 local and online businesses where you can bring items for repair. In addition, the brochure “Pharmaceutical waste in the flathead” provides information on where to deposit unwanted medicines and leftovers at 10 different places in the valley. These brochures can be found online by visiting

The WasteNot Project is about finding and promoting ways to reduce waste and encourage more recycling in the Flathead. If you would like to learn more or volunteer, please email [email protected]

Mark your calendar. The Flathead County Landfill offers free household hazardous waste collection every third Saturday. Simply complete the registration form at The discharge will send you an appointment time and send you a reminder. This is a great free service for residents of Flathead County and a way to safely dispose of items such as oil-based paint, thinners, solvents, adhesives, stains, cleaners, furniture strippers, ammonia, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, poisons, fertilizers, trees. sprays, carburetor cleaner, flea powder, washing powder, turpentine, etc.

The WasteNot Project also offers classroom presentations on recycling and composting in Flathead Valley classrooms. The lessons are aimed at students in kindergarten through sixth grade and focus on teaching students the 3Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle. If you are an educator and would like to host a lesson, please contact the WasteNot Project by emailing [email protected] Practical field trips to our Compost Garden teaching site will begin soon.

The WasteNot Project was founded in 1993 with the goal of reducing the volume and toxicity of materials entering our landfill through community education. This is a collaborative effort between Citizens for a Better Flathead, the Flathead County Solid Waste District, and the Flathead Valley Community College Service Learning Program.