Water conservation

Dunes urges water conservation | News

On Wednesday, April 27, the Town of Sioux City held a press conference to discuss the need for voluntary water conservation due to prolonged drought conditions. The need for this discussion arose because they are beginning to see challenges in pumping raw water from wells for treatment due to the drought. Although the CID has not yet experienced this with our wells, this possibility exists as the year progresses and water consumption increases. Additionally, we purchase some of our water from the town of Sioux City, especially in the summer, as irrigation increases to supplement our supply. So we also need to be aware of water usage and what measures might need to be taken.

In any water conservation environment, the first thing to consider is irrigation. Dakota Dunes has implemented an irrigation ordinance from the start with odd addresses irrigating on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and even addresses irrigating on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If you are not following, please start; If you need help checking your timer, contact your irrigation contractor or call our office. Also, turn off your irrigation during wet periods or when rain is forecast.

The above irrigation schedule is sufficient to sustain grass growth. We must water according to the ordinance and if we cannot achieve voluntary compliance, Dakota Dunes CID has the authority to shut down individual systems at the check valve. If the situation worsens, the CID could declare a water emergency that would further restrict irrigation and possibly other uses. The CID could also adopt drought pricing that would dramatically increase the cost of water used beyond the amount needed for domestic use in your home. Any declaration of an in-water emergency and remedial action will be made by the Dakota Dunes CID Board of Supervisors.

Please note that drought conditions are beginning to stress local water supply systems in many areas. Please stay tuned for further reviews.

Follow this link to Dakota Dunes Irrigation Ordinance. https://dakotadunes.com/local-government/lawn-sprinkling-schedule/