LandGate is working on a solution to assess the projected performance of large energy and resource asset portfolios

In detail, the company is launching a new dashboard solution aimed specifically at the capital markets user base. The interface will generate metrics for investors who are evaluating the projected performance of large portfolios of energy and resource assets and present them with the company’s projected production, cash flows and net asset valuations (NAVs). live updates with new farming activities or electricity pricing data.

The idea is to allow traders and insurers to compare the future quarterly cash flows of renewable energy operators and risk them in the face of climate catastrophes.

The platform also connects developers and investors to “deal-ready” leads on its online marketplace for all land transactions, including land sales, renewable royalty sales, carbon offsets and land resource leases.

“Participants in the $4 trillion-a-year U.S. energy and environmental resources market are plagued by a lack of accurate data solutions and land market intelligence, which prevents market stakeholders from making informed decisions. informed decisions on land transactions,” the Denver-based company said in a press release. “With LandGate, clients ranging from global financial firms seeking to optimize their clean energy holdings to landowners across the United States have the ability to determine comparative values ​​for the full spectrum of resources and potential royalties for each parcel. land in the United States.”

According to the release, as of the first quarter of 2022, LandGate has already facilitated more than $300 million in land resource deals nationwide in transactions for the development of solar, wind, carbon , minerals, mining, electric vehicle charging and water resources.

“By the end of the year, more than 60% of all land real estate agents in the United States will use LandGate’s property analysis, which helps them conduct energy and environmental transactions and access enterprise buyers,” the statement read. “This, combined with LandGate’s partnership with the Realtors Land Institute and the thousands of individual landowners accessing the platform, enhances the network effect of the land market and its resources. Clients include NextEra, renewable energy developer Lightsource BP; Hannon Armstrong renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure real estate investment trust; and Kimmeridge.