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A sustainable micronutrient fertilizer made from peas,

Regina, SK, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new $19 million project from Protein Industries Canada and a consortium of companies will help Canadian farmers further improve consistency and reduce carbon emissions through commercialization of a new fertilizer based on micronutrients.

Soileos is a sustainable, non-polluting and climate-positive micronutrient fertilizer created from the recycling of pea, lentil and oat hulls – co-products of food processing. Using Soileos increases crop yields and improves soil health, while increasing incomes for farmers and food processors.

AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. (“AGT Foods”), Lucent BioSciences (“Lucent”), NuWave Research, IN10T and Aberhart Ag Solutions are collaborating to scale and distribute this new product. The project includes the installation of a new manufacturing process for the production of Soileos in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, which when completed will produce up to approximately 6,500 tonnes per year of micronutrient fertilizer and create 25 jobs.

“Our government is proud to support this partnership that will improve the quality of Canadian food crops through the production of cost-effective and sustainable alternative fertilizers. This project demonstrates how Canada’s global innovation clusters foster innovation, create jobs and contribute to the growth of our economy,” said the Honorable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

“Fertilizers are essential to the productivity of the Canadian agricultural sector. With the current disruptions caused by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the Government of Canada is looking to support cost-effective and sustainable fertilizer alternatives to help secure food supply chains. By investing in the commercialization of a new micronutrient-based fertilizer, we are helping farmers maintain production to feed Canadians and the world, while reducing their environmental footprint,” said the Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

This new 50-50 joint venture between AGT Foods and Lucent, which operates as AGT Soileos, will also lead to improved fertilizer efficiency, in particular a shorter reaction time needed in manufacturing to bind fibers plant-based micronutrients from hours to minutes, reducing energy and water consumption and expanding its availability in Western Canada.

“This project is an example of what happens when innovation and collaboration meet,” said Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada. “From a chance encounter in 2019, to a pilot project that produced 1 kg of Soileos per day and tested the efficacy of pea, lentil and oat hulls through 2020 and 2021 and now to commercialization in scale, this project proves how important innovation is. the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the Canadian agri-food sector and the industry’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The first field trials of Soileos on large areas such as durum wheat, lentils and peas demonstrated how Soileos transports zinc, manganese and iron to plants, improving protein content, yields and soil health, while increasing yields for farmers and minimizing environmental impacts. , and valorize low-value by-products.

“AGT Foods is pleased to join our partners at Lucent in announcing the commercial production of Soileos. AGT is a value-added pulse and other grain mill that produces fiber by-products. Using these by-products to produce a micronutrient pellet that helps farmers increase their yield while returning carbon to their soil and reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizer application in future years is a game-changing innovation,” says Murad Al-Katib, founder and CEO of AGT Foods. “As farmers rise to the challenge of making their farm management systems more sustainable, the smart use of fertilizers will be key to achieving significant reductions in the carbon intensity of our cropping system.”

According to Michael Riedijk, CEO of Lucent BioSciences, “The continued partnership with AGT Foods and Protein Industries Canada brings us one step closer to our vision of accelerating the transformation of agriculture towards sustainability. We are excited to begin commercial manufacturing in Rosetown for its location at the center of Western Canadian agriculture and the “can do” spirit of the people and the province. »

The addition of NuWave Research, IN10t and Aberhart Ag Solutions supports scaling and improves Soileos efficiency and availability.

NuWave Research’s technology will help reduce reaction time in the manufacture of Soileos. The traditional process required a five-hour wait for the reaction; the application of new technology will reduce the reaction time to minutes. This will allow faster production of more Soileos with much lower energy consumption.

The inclusion of IN10T and Aberhart Ag Solutions will support the distribution and acceptance of Soileos among western Canadian farmers, providing distribution and sales support.

“We are excited to work with Lucent BioSciences, AGT and Protein Industries Canada to help bring this revolutionary product to market. Fertilizers are a key part of the efficient operation of the Canadian agricultural sector, and helping to create an efficient, environmentally friendly and accessible solution is a privilege,” said Greg Stromotich, CEO and Founder of NuWave Research Inc.. “J am looking forward to seeing how this project can help Canadian farmers meet the ever-increasing demands of our country.

“Our goal at IN10T is to advance agricultural innovations. Soileos is a very innovative product and it is exciting to be able to test this product with Canadian farmers through our network of farmer trials in real-world environments to better understand product performance and uptake,” Patrick Comte said IN10T’s Vice President Canada.

“We are very excited to be part of this project because it advances good agricultural practices by recycling a natural product, helping us grow more protein-rich crops than a hungry world is looking for,” said Dan Aberhart, CEO of ‘Aberhart Ag Solutions. “Adding Soileos to our network creates a new opportunity for our farmers to add a product to their farming practices that supports farmer profitability, the need for environmental stewardship, and consumers’ quest for a healthier food source.

Over the past three years, Protein Industries Canada and its industry partners have invested over $480 million in growing Canada’s food, feed and plant-based ingredients sector. The results of these investments include improved agricultural practices, increased sustainability and traceability, and the production of new food ingredients and products. Cumulatively, this will increase the choices available to Canadians on grocery store shelves, create jobs and improve the health of our environment. Protein Industries Canada’s goal is to grow Canada’s plant-based foods sector to $25 billion per year by 2035, supported by 17,000 jobs.

About AGT Foods and Ingredients

AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. (AGT Foods), majority-owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, is a Saskatchewan-based global leader in plant-based protein and value-added processing of pulses, grains, base and ingredients for export and domestic markets. . AGT Foods was founded on the principle “From Farmer to World”, purchasing pulses, grains, oilseeds and specialty crops from farmers around its facilities in Canada, Turkey, USA, Australia, China and South Africa and processing and exporting its pulses, ground durum and canola products, pulse ingredient flours, starches, fibers, proteins and extruded products and retail packaged foods to customers in over 120 countries in worldwide. AGT Foods operates a strong network of grain plants, processing facilities and shortline rail network in the heart of Saskatchewan’s canola, pulse and wheat growing regions. More information is available at

About Lucent BioSciences

Vancouver-based Lucent BioSciences develops sustainable crop nutrition solutions that accelerate the transformation of agriculture towards sustainability. Our technology is a composition of matter patent that describes the process of binding nutrients in bioavailable form to cellulose fibers in a way that prevents nutrients from leaching into the environment, addressing a key shortcoming of many existing products. . Our process recycles low-value organic fibers – like pea and lentil hulls – into the substrate of our Soileos product. This approach creates a showcase for the circular economy, with residue from food processing becoming fertilizer that will be used to help grow the next crop. Soileos increases soil organic carbon levels; improves soil health; does not leach or have runoff pollution; and provides increased crop yield and quality. By recycling food processing co-products in Soileos, we help solve waste problems and provide farmers and food processors with additional sources of income.

About NuWave Research

NuWave Research is a BC-based OEM company dedicated to providing industrial vacuum microwave solutions. NuWave’s patented Vacuum Microwave Dehydration (VMD) technology enables fast, precision drying solutions that preserve the nutritional profile, color and texture of the product. NuWave’s technology also enables Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS) reactions to reduce organic synthesis reaction processing times.

About IN10T

IN10T is a digital agriculture company founded in 2016 that creates end-to-end, digital and data science solutions for agriculture customers and those who invest in agriculture. IN10T helps clients unlock growth by focusing on product performance, farmer experience, go-to-market strategy and digital innovation. For more information, visit

About Aberhart Ag Solutions

Aberhart Ag Solutions is a family business with extensive experience in agricultural production. Focused on the values ​​of trust and integrity, Aberhart Ag Solutions stands behind the products they recommend based on agronomy and science. Serving all of Western Canada, Aberhart Ag is focused on building relationships. They are excited to offer prairie farmers an environmentally friendly and inexpensive micronutrient fertilizer.

  • Rosetown facility

  • Rosetown facility