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How to Farm in Deadcraft

Deadcraft focuses on surviving a zombie apocalypse by learning to support yourself through crafting, cooking, and farming. Farming holds a particularly important place in the Deadcraft experience for multiple reasons. First, farming provides food that has multiple status effects. Additionally, you can farm zombie minions to aid you in combat. Finally, the tasty recipes you cook from your crops can improve your status or sell for a high price.

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Is farming in Deadcraft difficult? No way! If you’ve played other life sims before, like Animal Crossing, farming in Deadcraft will come quickly. Learning to farm in Deadcraft will also speed up character progression since you will earn SP after harvesting crops. So, let’s roll up those sleeves and grow that rotten green zombie thumb with some farming tips!


How to plant and grow crops

Planting and growing crops is essential to survival in Deadcraft. This equips Reid with consumables he can eat to replenish his Food, Water, Zombies, Energy, and HP gauges. Also, selling your crops plays a big part in Zol. Here are the step-by-step instructions to start growing.

What you will need

  • A field: Fields are three out of three squares where you can cultivate the ground and grow your crops. Luckily, your home base will have land ready for use. However, if you need more space to cultivate, you can also create additional fields by learning the Agriculture at the end of time skill. Here is the recipe:
    • Craft workshop: crafting table
    • Materials needed: 15 soils, 10 iron ores and 10 fragile woods
    • Location in crafting menu: Section: Crafting, Tab: Utilities
  • Seeds: The first three seeds you will discover in Deadcraft are pumpkin seeds, tomato seedsand Medium Frankie Sprouts. You can buy pumpkin and tomato seeds at The Slum produce store. Medium Frankie sprouts need to be crafted.
  • Water: Mud, Agua-ColaWhere Zivblood will suffice. Watering your crops with Agua Cola will make them grow faster. Zivblood makes hybrid vegetables and zombie crops.

Step by step instructions

  • Plow your field: First, you need to plow your field so that the soil can support the growth of your crops. To plow a field, walk to a field space and select Until​.
  • Plant seeds: Once a field square is plowed, you can click on it again to plant seeds. This will open a menu where you can choose which seed you want to equip in your item slot. Then you can click once more on the field square to plant the desired seed. You can plant the same seed when you move to another square with just one click.
  • Water your crops: Once you have planted your seeds, you need to water them. Watering crops works the same way as planting seeds. First, choose a field square and choose your favorite water. Then water the square. You will need to water your crops every few hours for a few days before they are ready to harvest.
  • Harvest your crops: You can harvest your crops with just one click on your crops. Sometimes your crops will even produce extra seeds. Make sure you have room in your inventory to collect whatever you harvest. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover them.

Normal Cultures Vs. Zombie Cultures

In Deadcraft you can grow typical human products, such as tomatoes, pumpkins and turnips. However, you can also farm hordes of zombie minions and zombie vegetables. Here’s what you need to know:

Normal vegetables vs. Hybrid vegetables

You can harvest two types of vegetation: standard vegetables and hybrid vegetables. Hybrid Vegetables have unique qualities that affect your Zombie Gauge when eaten. Therefore, farming them is key to controlling your zombie scale.

But what makes hybrid vegetables what they are? The answer is the the water. Watering your crops with normal water sources, such as mud and agua cola, will result in typical crops. However, watering them with zivblood produces hybrid vegetables.

Grow zombie minions

Another distinctive culture in Deadcraft is the zombie soldiers that you can develop and who will fight alongside you against enemies. These servants are known as Frankie. The first Frankie you will learn to farm is the Frank average, a zombie growl in your undead army. You will learn the ins and outs of breeding medium Frankies in the Quiet but not deadly mission with Zombie Gramps. Still, for reference, here are the instructions for making one:

  • Required Skills : zombie farmer
  • Craft workshop: Field
  • Materials: Medium Frankie Sprout, Zivblood
    • Frankie Sprout Medium Materials: 1 corpse, 2 Z hearts
    • Frankie Sprout Medium Manufacturing Facility: crafting table [View the Consumables tab in the ZombieCraft section]

Growing Medium Frankies is similar to growing other crops. All you have to do is craft your medium Frankie sprout, plant it in your field, and water it with ziv blood. And There you go ! You have a certified undead ally!

The Frankies will use the same weapons the Germ Corpse used when alive. Therefore, you need to track the weapons and abilities offered by an enemy before harvesting their downed corpse.

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Cooking your products

On their own, the products you generate through farming have massive benefits when eaten raw. However, these perks, like status effects and market value, become more important as you cook your goods. One of your first missions in Deadcraft will teach you the Beginner cook skill so you can build a foyer. You can select anything available in the crafting hearth menu to cook. Here are some must-have recipes:

Roasted Pumpkin

  • Category: Arts and crafts
  • The description: “A fire-roasted pumpkin. It’s not the easiest to crack open and eat, but man, that sweet flavor is worth it.”
  • Materials: 2 pumpkins
  • Status Effects: -10 Zombie Gauge, +20 Energy, +50 Food
  • Market value: 590 Zol

Roasted Tomato

  • Category: Arts and crafts
  • Descriptions: “A fire-roasted tomato. The texture is different from normal, but it’s just as delicious.”
  • Materials: 2 tomatoes
  • Status Effects: -10 Zombie Gauge, +50 Food, +20 Water
  • Market value: 630 Zol


  • Category: zombiecraft
  • The description: “Flame-grilled z-meat and hybrid vegetables. Sounds delicious, but the total amount of ZiV in each ingredient means only half a zombie should try to eat it.”
  • Materials: 2 hybrid tomatoes, 2 hybrid pumpkins, 1 Z-Meat
  • Status Effects: +10 Zombie Gauge, +30 HP, +20 Energy, +20 Food
  • Market value: 1,030 Zol

How can I improve my farming skills?

After growing your first few crops, you may be frustrated with how long it takes to tend to your field one unit at a time. After all, this repetitive action becomes energy and time consuming. Are there ways to speed up the process? Fortunately, there are!

If you visit the Ability tree in the Skills menu, you can learn to farm faster with less energy. For example, the first two farming abilities you can keep are Plowing Expert and Irrigation specialist. Each skill allows you to plow or water three units of land at once for a lower energy cost. You will still use three water elements when watering three crops simultaneously, but you will spend less energy than you would when watering one crop at a time. These two skills alone greatly speed up the breeding process.

As you progress through your skill tree, you can upgrade the above skills to Pro Tillage and watering Pro, respectively. Plus, you’ll discover skills that improve your cooking, like second aidwhich increases the status effects of your recipes.

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