Water conservation

Chino Hills offers a one-stop shop for water discounts | New

The City of Chino Hills has partnered with local water agencies to offer water-saving discounts and programs to help residents save water and money, according to the City spokesperson Nicole Freeman.

The city declared a Phase III high water conservation alert that went into effect June 1.

Chino Hills residents must reduce outdoor watering to two days a week, with addresses ending in even numbers watering on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and addresses ending in odd numbers on Thursdays and Sundays.

Residents and businesses can find information about available discounts and programs in one place on the city’s website by visiting chinohills.org/rebates.

Ms. Freeman said the website is a central location for all discounts and programs offered to Chino Hills customers by the city’s partner agencies like the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, the Metropolitan Water District or the Chino Basin Water Conservation District. .

“Depending on the discount or program, customers may be directed to one of our partners’ websites for more information and application,” Ms. Freeman said.

Programs include landscape efficiency consultation and rebates for turf removal projects, a Flume device that allows residents to monitor their own water usage, and a free sprinkler timer upgrade that allows residents to remotely monitor their sprinkler systems.

Rebate levels for toilets (from July 1) and clothes washers have been increased since most regional programs deal with outdoor water use, Ms Freeman said.

Most discounts, with the exception of turf removal, can be requested quickly as long as customers have all the necessary information, she said.

A short video is provided on the city’s website so customers know what to expect throughout the discount process.

Residents are encouraged to contact the city’s water use efficiency coordinator at (909) 364-2608 if they have questions about the rebates or conservation in general.

Residents and businesses are asked to keep 30 percent. Watering is prohibited between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and cannot exceed 15 minutes per watering station, except for drip irrigation systems which cannot exceed 30 minutes per station.

The use of a garden hose without a shut-off valve is prohibited. Vehicles, trailers, boats and livestock can be washed down with a hose fitted with a shut-off nozzle.