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Save the Bees: A Recent Buzz in Chicago

The editorial page of the Chicago Sun-Times has decided to inform its readers about the plight of bees. Kudos to them. It’s necessary.

Nearly one in four native bee species is in dangerand bee colonies across the country are collapse. Everything in nature is connected, and bee mortality is part of the “unprecedented decline.

That’s why it’s important for media across the country to inform and engage their followers. Here is an excerpt from a June 1 Sun-Times Editorial on what we need to do to protect bees:

An important step would be to reduce the use of pesticides, which harm or kill bees. Last year, the journal Science reported that the toxic impact of pesticides on bees and other pollinators had doubled in a decade.

Here is a short excerpt from a June 26 Sun-Times Editorial:

Many species are in trouble. The once common American bumblebee has declined by approximately 89% over the past 20 years.

Moreover, I know at least a letter to the editor in response to one of the pieces.

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Photo credit: Dave Angelini, courtesy of Environment America